Monday, October 20, 2014

Anti-discrimination policies about control, not equality

There are claims that religion is being used to discriminate against women and LGBT people, but isn’t it the other way around? It seems our increasingly socialist-leaning government is the one using women and LGBT people to discriminate against religious people – namely Christians – to paint them as evil and strip them of their fundamental freedoms.

Wrong and hateful discrimination obviously exists, such as abusing someone for his sexual preference or religious views. But there is also the type we all practice daily in making the discriminating decisions on how to live our lives in ways best suited to our Constitutional right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. It is here that an over-reaching government, in the name of fairness, is putting our liberties at risk.

Cited examples of religious-based discrimination include business owners refusing to provide forced insurance coverage of contraception/abortifacients; pharmacies turning away women seeking to fill birth control prescriptions; and bridal salons, photo studios, and reception halls declining service to same-sex couples planning weddings.

But what some call religious-based discrimination is really just free commerce. Nobody has the right to demand a service be rendered, and under our First Amendment right to freedom of religion, citizens are free to not only worship as they choose, but to publicly live their religious beliefs, including in how they choose to earn a legal living.

As long as citizens are allowed these fundamental freedoms, they are empowered, and in that, government is kept in check. Of course this is despised by a big, godless government with big socialist dreams. Rather than strip citizens of individual liberty in one fell swoop, though, it’s being done incrementally and by dividing people.

First, freedom-loving citizens who don’t wish to be controlled must be vilified. A Christian morally opposed to paying for abortifacients is now simply a hater of women. If your religious beliefs tell you that photographing a same-sex wedding is the same as endorsing a sexual practice you believe is a sin, you are automatically a hater of homosexuals. And it is not enough to be maligned for not wanting to partake in certain commerce; now you will be punitively fined and even forced to do so, essentially making you a slave.

Complicit in this are certain activist women and LGBT people who demand their wants be met specifically by the very people who do not wish to meet those demands. To these activist “victims” it doesn’t matter that contraception is easily accessible overall, or that plenty of entrepreneurs would gladly provide services for same-sex events. These “victims” disregard available options and choose to impose their personal beliefs on religious people –the so-called “haters” – who ironically are the ones accused of imposing their beliefs on the “victims”.

Seeing the opportunity for control, government is increasingly backing the “victims” through anti-discrimination policies – most recently through LGBT policies that  address discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression – and which are being systematically implemented all over the country, including dozens of cities across Michigan (with plans for statewide implementation in the works).

On the surface, protecting against actual wrongful discrimination based on one’s sexual identity sounds fine. But when such policies can be used to undermine one group’s freedoms, while granting special powers to another group, it is no longer about equality, but control. In the attempt to defend certain aspects of human dignity, such policies end up pitting people against each other and create a protected class in which “victims” don’t need to prove their victimhood, but innocent people must prove they are not malicious discriminators. This sets the stage for a whole lot of trouble.

For instance, under these policies, not only are business owners being forced to provide services against their will, but an employer who hires a homosexual and then fires him because the employee stole from the register can be sued for anti-homosexual discrimination. The burden would be on the employer to prove his innocence.

Or, under the “public accommodations” clauses of some ordinances, a typical girl-crazy teenaged boy could say he “identifies as a girl” and enter the girls’ locker room to watch them shower. As many of these ordinances dictate, if a girl complains, she is the one punished for discrimination against a “gender-confused” boy. By the way, pedophiles can take the same advantage of this clause, which shows that just because a policy may be well-intended, it shouldn’t come at the expense of freedom, common sense and safety.

What’s most concerning is that activists oppose any and all religious exemptions currently built-in to some anti-discrimination policies. Imagine how far things would go should such so-called safeguards be removed. It would create a society where religion is forced underground completely and private entrepreneurs, clergy and every day citizens become unwilling servants of government without freedom of speech -- while the “victim” class is held up as justification for this control. Sadly, if those who value liberty don’t push back on these efforts, things will get rapidly worse.

Socialism is all about dividing and controlling people, and government on every level is doing a spectacular job of this. Unfortunately, it is under the cloak of equality that serious progress is being made by those who want to replace the principles of individualism, Christianity, and the Constitution, with tyranny, slavery and life without God. 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

President Obama thinks Ebola czar more effective than travel ban

President Barack Obama said yesterday that he's considering appointing an Ebola “czar” to coordinate the fight against the virus in the United States but remains opposed to a ban on travel from West Africa. Meanwhile, he authorized calling up military reservists to send them to West Africa to help fight Ebola.

Just what can the military do that doctors and nurses cannot? But more important, how can allowing people to continue flying into America on flights that originated from the disease-stricken areas be in anyone's best interest? Is the president not aware of what Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan's travel to America has set in motion? Now Obama is open to anyone else who may be carrying the deadly disease to enter as well?

Obama's reasoning for not imposing a travel ban, by the way, is because he thinks it will devastate economic conditions in places like Liberia. What about the economic calamity an Ebola epidemic in America will have on our country? The disease continues to spread in West Africa where outbreak began in March and is now in the last district in Sierra Leone that had been unaffected by Ebola. Think that can't happen here?

Obama also said a travel ban will only make the disease harder to track. What? How can putting a lasso around the problem make it harder to manage? Why have so many other countries, such as Britain, Israel and even Haiti, imposed travel bans from West Africa but we haven't?

Here's why. Obama doesn't want to ban travel because he doesn't want Americans to make the connection between banning travel and keeping the disease out of our country. He doesn't want people to figure out that if a travel ban worked to stop the dissemination of ebola, then maybe we should slam the border with Mexico shut to make sure it and other diseases don't come in that way (such as the enterovirus problem fatally attacking children across America, and tuberculosis which is now spreading in Massachusetts where Obama dumped illegal immigrant children recently).

But Obama, as usual, refuses to close the borders through which Ebola and other diseased people could enter our country completely untracked. Remember, closing the borders would put Obama's precious amnesty dreams in peril and perhaps stem the flow of future Democrat voters.

As travel remains unimpeded and borders remain open, what exactly does our president see an Ebola czar accomplishing? By the way, the czar chosen, government insider , Ron Klain, doesn't even have a medical background. What we need is common sense. What we're getting from Obama is more bureaucrats who he must appoint because he is incapable of leadership himself on anything.

It's disgraceful that our government will demand things like sodas and trans fats be banned in the name of our "safety", but a tricky, contagious, fatal disease does not warrant the same control. It's bad enough that Obama and his fellow liberal America-haters have been putting politics above American freedoms for years, but now they are putting politics above human lives. That is beyond shameful and unacceptable, and even the staunchest Obama supporter should start thinking of their own loved ones at this point and the risk this unstable man in the White House poses to them. Enough is enough.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chimpanzees to get legal personhood? Court to decide soon.

ABC News reports that “[a] state appeals court will decide in coming weeks whether chimpanzees are entitled to ‘legal personhood’ in a case that could lead to expanded rights for animals such as gorillas, elephants and dolphins, according to the lawyer advocating for a 26-year-old chimp named Tommy.”

Unborn babies don’t have any rights. They can be killed for any reason. After all, they're not even considered humans. Although in this day and age it's safer to be a turtle or a bird. Liberals will lay down their own lives to protect one of these species.

Business owners don’t have any rights. They must sell to people even if they disagree with their immoral lifestyles or radicalized ideologies. If they don't, they'll be punitively fined and/or punished.

But chimpanzees . . . well, that’s a different story.

If given legal personhood, will chimps be able to get food stamps, collect unemployment, and free healthcare? Will 
gorillas, elephants and dolphins be able to vote? After all, liberals are opposed to voter ID laws, so why couldn't an animal's human caretaker fill out a ballot on the chimp's behalf? By the way, have you noticed that pet supply and other animal-related advertisements now refer to humans as "pet caretakers" or "guardians" rather than owners?

If given personhood rights, it won’t be too long before pets are designated “legal persons.” Then they can get married and receive tax breaks.

Think it's a stretch?

Well it wasn't too long ago that the idea of letting illegal immigrants vote and allowing two men to marry seemed like a stretch too. Now both are on the table. Why not chimpanzees as well?

God help us all. The world has gone insane. But this is what happens when the world turns its back on God - we get godless things.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pro-life messages countered by swastikas on Michigan college campus*

*From LifeSiteNews:
Pro-life messages at Eastern Michigan University were marred by swastikas and water this week. In a press release accompanied by several photos, Students for Life of America says that students at the university promoted life on Sunday night using chalked messages like "Life is precious, let's protect it" and "Women regret abortion." However, pro-abortion students threw water on at least one of the messages, and drew swastikas next to others.

A spokesperson for SFLA told LifeSiteNews that the pro-abortion students who confronted the pro-lifers also posted a photo of Savita Halappanavar, claiming that Halappanavar's 2012 death was due to the lack of a "life-saving abortion" in Ireland.

However, as LifeSiteNews reported last year, it was a lack of basic care that was responsible for Halappanavar's death, including the lack of a proper antibiotic regimen when she became ill. Halappanavar's death and the subsequent misunderstanding of the cause of death became a flashpoint for supporters of abortion, and was a key component of the ultimately successful effort to loosen Ireland's abortion laws.
“Eastern Michigan Students for Life, through our dedicated leadership team and members, want to change hearts and minds through loving means," said Rueben Ainley, the club’s vice president. [End LSN report.]
I find it interesting that women who support abortion call it "woman's healthcare" but they ignore the harmful risks and consequences. In fact, when Texas tried to require that doctors performing abortions have hospital admitting privileges in case of emergency abortion consequences, pro-abortion women decried this as harming women. What exactly do these women want? Do they even understand the issue at hand?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jihad in America? Oklahoma woman beheaded by recent Muslim convert

30-year-old Alton Nolen had just been fired when he entered the front-office of a food distribution center in Moore, Oklahoma, where he proceeded to attack 54-year-old Colleen Hufford with a knife, severing her head.

Nolen then proceeded to attack 43-year-old Traci Johnson with the same knife when Mark Vaughn, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy and a former CEO of the business, shot Nolan - who is now hospitalized but expected to live.

The FBI is now looking into Nolen’s background after his former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after recently converting himself. 

This comes just three months after the June 25 fatal shooting of a New Jersey teen by 29 year-old Ali Muhammad Brown who confessed to killing the teen as an act of "jihad" because the victim, Brendan Tevlin, "was Christian."

Whether these brutal attacks are really acts of jihad, or if they are merely the acts of lost men just looking for an identity, either way, we obviously have a problem on our hands. Are these young men being actively recruited by Radical Islam, as we've all heard is happening in America? Or are these acts the product of a bored, godless culture where thrill kills are becoming more common? And to what extent do we need to fear copy-cats of such brutality who do so for nothing more than the sick need for attention?

Radical Islam terrorist groups - from ISIS to Hamas - have promised a global caliphate that calls for the death of all infadels - aka, non-Muslims. ISIS, in fact, recently promised to carry out its deadly jihad in America and raise its flag over the White House.

Is this the beginning of that promise coming to fruition? Or should we continue to bury our heads in the sand and pretend there is nothing to worry about?

Either way, for now, I am grateful for Mark Vaughn's presence - and the weapon he had on hand to stop a second murder from happening today. Like the old saying goes, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a weapon, is a good guy with a weapon. Maybe anti-gun activists should take a second look at our right to bear arms from the perspective that this right actually does save lives. 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Illegal immigrants to get ID cards, discounts & free perks

Making good on his campaign promise, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced several months ago in his State of the City Address that New York will issue identity cards to illegal immigrants, a move that is, to say the least, controversial. 

But it gets worse: yesterday, di Blasio added that the cards will also grant illegal immigrants free memberships to top cultural institutions, from Carnegie Hall to the Bronx Zoo. And officials hinted the cards eventually will provide illegal immigrants discounts at movie theaters and other commercial entertainment venues, as if being here illegally is honorable and deserving of reward. Maybe if I were to leave America, renounce my citizenship, and then re-enter America illegally, I could receive the free healthcare, education, and now entertainment, that I and all legal working citizens currently have to pay for ourselves, but that illegal immigrants receive for free.

de Blasio and his pro-illegal immigration supporters argue that ID cards improve the relationship between the immigrant community and the local police. They add that IDs recognize immigrants’ humanity and dignity even though those immigrants broke federal immigration laws to enter the U.S. 

Moreover, a New York Times investigative report revealed that 6 million aliens pay payroll taxes, which means that illegal aliens must have fraudulently obtained Social Security cards, falsified I-9 forms under penalty of perjury, or committed identity theft, all of which are felonies (in addition to the crime of entering the country illegally).

di Blasio says the ID cards - and the perks that come with them - are a way to acknowledge humanity. But they also endorse illegal immigration, make it easier for deportable aliens to remain, and represent a security threat. 
With these cards, however, de Blasio would also be committing a felony. According to Sec. 274 of the federal immigration code, any action that: “encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law” is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment.
Like his predecessor Michael Bloomberg, de Blasio is an immigration reform advocate. Even so, the ID cards put innocent New Yorkers unnecessarily at risk. Once the essentially worthless cards become available, they could lure ill-intentioned people to New York. Then, without having to verify beyond a reasonable doubt who they are, they could assume multiple identities and, like the 911 terrorists, hide in plain sight. 
So why would a progressive like diBlasio encourage such a risky thing? Simple. Doing so encourages these illegals to vote for Democrats. But they don't have the right to vote, you say? Sure they do. It's called voter fraud. It's rampant, and the left's hysterical opposition to voter ID laws makes it easy for illegals to vote.
I guess New York's mayor and his cronies have forgotten what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, and that they're oblivious to the radical Islam threat currently being made by ISIS to raise its flag over the White House and bring its deadly jihad to America (in fact, one man who brutally shot and killed a New Jersey teen back in June confessed it was an act of jihad). But so what as long as the Democrats can stay in power with whatever means it takes, right?
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Friday, September 12, 2014

CFL vs incandescent bulbs: The government's version of making things better

It's Friday, so I felt like keeping things a little light today - well, if you can consider the complete lack of common sense by our government officials remotely light! So with that said, speaking of light, I was just thinking about some of the key differences between the expensive, government-pushed Compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulb and the ingenious, inexpensive innovation known as the incandescent light bulb. For starters, CFL bulbs are made of glass tubes filled with gas and mercury, whereas incandescent bulbs consist of a filament made of a long, thin piece of tungsten metal. Meanwhile, CFL bulbs are being pushed on consumers, while incandescent bulbs are now banned, thanks to an unfortunate “energy” bill signed in 2007 by President George W. Bush, effectively reducing consumer choice.

But instead of going into the pros and cons of each, I think the main difference between the two bulbs can best be captured in the methods required to clean up a bulb should it ever break. If it ever happens to you, here are clear instructions for cleaning up each type of bulb.

1) How to clean up a broken CFL bulb (this is from the U.S. EPA website):
Before Cleanup…
  • Have people and pets leave the room.
  • Air out the room for 5-10 minutes by opening a window or door to the outdoor environment. 
  • Shut off the central forced air heating/air-conditioning system, if you have one.
  • Collect materials needed to clean up broken bulb:
          -- stiff paper or cardboard;
          -- sticky tape;
          -- damp paper towels or disposable wet wipes (for hard surfaces); and
          -- a glass jar with a metal lid or a sealable plastic bag.

During Cleanup…
  • DO NOT VACUUM.  Vacuuming is not recommended unless broken glass remains after all other cleanup steps have been taken.  Vacuuming could spread mercury-containing powder or mercury vapor.
  • Be thorough in collecting broken glass and visible powder.  Scoop up glass fragments and powder using stiff paper or cardboard.  Use sticky tape, such as duct tape, to pick up any remaining small glass fragments and powder. Place the used tape in the glass jar or plastic bag.  See the detailed cleanup instructions for more information, and for differences in cleaning up hard surfaces versus carpeting or rugs.
  • Place cleanup materials in a sealable container.

After Cleanup
  • Promptly place all bulb debris and cleanup materials, including vacuum cleaner bags, outdoors in a trash container or protected area until materials can be disposed of.  Avoid leaving any bulb fragments or cleanup materials indoors. 
  • Next, check with your local government about disposal requirements in your area, because some localities require fluorescent bulbs (broken or unbroken) be taken to a local recycling center. If there is no such requirement in your area, you can dispose of the materials with your household trash.
  • If practical, continue to air out the room where the bulb was broken and leave the heating/air conditioning system shut off for several hours.
  • If you have further questions, please call your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

2) How to clean up a broken incandescent bulb:
  • Get out the broom.
  • Sweep it up.
  • Throw it away.

And people trust the government to make our healthcare system more simple? Hmm....

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