Thursday, September 29, 2016

This is affordable healthcare...really?

It's been a long time since I've posted here! I had some big changes in my life these past couple of months that spread me really thin...something had to go. Unfortunately it was my blog for the time being. Am still quite stretched, but wanted to come on and say hello to you all. I hope your summer was great and that you are all doing well!

What inspired me to post today, albeit in a short, quick manner, was a somewhat elderly locksmith I met today. He is a Vietnam vet, a patriot, a hard worker, and an all-around great guy from all I could tell. We started talking about our country and where it's headed. In a nutshell, he told me he was a lifelong Democrat until Bill Clinton came along and gave dishonesty a new face. From there, it's only gotten worse and as he put it, today's Democrats are hardly the Democrats of the "little guy". Fast forward to today, and you can use your imagination as to what he thinks of Hillary.

But what put a heavy feeling in my heart for him is how Obamacare has impacted him. This man makes no more than $6,000 a year. Yet he and his wife pay $1500 a month for their required healthcare insurance. On top of that, their annual deductible is $15,000 a year. Tell me, how is that affordable healthcare? And when will people realize that having health insurance does not mean you have access to affordable healthcare?

My monthly premium is several hundred dollars less than the locksmith's, but my deductible went from $850 a year to $6000 a year. What good is "insurance" when I have to come up with six thousand out of my own pocket before I can have so much as an earache paid for? 

Some say the authors of ObamaCare purposely made it bad so that we would all become so desperate that we would gladly accept the single payer system that Hillary Clinton would want, should she become president. But that would be even worse. There is a reason why people from Canada come to the US regularly for their medical treatment needs. 

All I know is that I cannot fathom how this elderly locksmith and his wife can possibly be told they are better off under the grossly misnamed Affordable Healthcare Act. What a lark. Unfortunately, real people are caught in the crosshairs of this disgraceful law forced upon us all (except for the President and Congress...who are all exempt from it).