Saturday, February 25, 2017

The leading cause of death for black Americans...shhhh

As Black History Month is just about drawing to a close, I wonder how many people know the history of how the black population has been targeted for elimination - not by "racist republicans", but by the contraception and abortion advocates who sprung up historically to eradicate them. 

Today, the leading cause of black Americans is not cancer or heart disease. It's abortion. In fact, more black Americans have died from abortion than cancer, heart disease, diabetes and AIDS combined.

Planned Parenthood - the country's leading abortion provider founded by the woman who said black people are inferior humans - and that inferior humans should be eliminated - is disproportionately present in urban, inner city areas where the black population is most concentrated.

As I write this, I am sitting in a parked RV in an inner city neighborhood of Detroit. The RV is owned by Image Clear Ultrasound, a non-profit mission that gives pregnant women in urban areas free ultrasounds right on the RV (I'm a volunteer driver, hence why I am sitting here while the wonderful counselor and ultrasound tech do their work in the back).

Many of these women are scared, alone and abortion-minded. But many, once they see the ultrasound - the undeniable shape of their son or daughter - turn away from abortion and choose life for their child. 

It's surprising to me to learn how many of these women are not aware of the resources available to them, from free diapers, food and clothing, to shelter, job training and financial support. And it's very surprising to these women when they learn about the history of Planned Parenthood's targeting toward the black race. Of course, the abortion promoters don't share this fact with the women who need it the most.

Information is out there that does reveal the ugly details, however. Websites like and movies like Maafa 21, do an incredible job of exposing the evil practice of eugenics, better known as "choice", "reproductive rights", and "women's healthcare".

The lie of abortion is made even more evil when its true agenda is hidden from the women it most eagerly targets. In this month that honors black history, I would hope that all of us, black, white and everyone, would take the time to learn the real history about how those who claim to care about black people actually devote their attention. It's up to us to learn this history - and the present day facts - because the anti-life people have no intentions of letting us hear the truth from them.

And while Planned Parenthood receives $1.5 million a day in our tax dollars - in addition to about a million dollars a day in private donations, non-profits like Image Clear Ultrasound that do all they can to save lives, struggle just to keep afloat. There's something really wrong with that, isn't there?

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump's not dividing us...the left is

In looking at some of the media coverage of today's protests against President Donald Trump springing up in some cities, I saw a sign that said in reference to Trump, "He will not divide us." Finally, some truth from the left. It's true that Trump is not dividing us. The far left is. 

I'm not even sure they know what exactly it is they are protesting about Trump in the first place. Is it his attempt to put a moratorium on refugees coming in from the countries with the deepest terrorist activities? (I saw some signs about that, too). But Barack Obama tried the same thing. Why did the left not protest him? And do these protesters ever ask themselves why rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have not taken in any Syrian Refugees? Of course, these countries won't do so because even they know that there is a high percentage of terrorists among them. 

Are the protesters protesting Trump's crude comment about women that he made about a dozen years ago? If so, where was their indignation over Bill Clinton, who actually confessed to less than honorable treatment toward women himself? What exactly is the beef with Trump?

While these protesters have the right to protest, of course, in the eight years that I watched President Barack Obama do his level best to actually divide our country, I never once took to the streets in protest over him. Nobody I know who also disagreed with Obama ever threw bricks through windows, burned cars, beat up Obama supporters, or shut down the right for other Obama supporters to speak in public places. We didn't wear vulgar t-shirts, make death threats, or degrade ourselves with filthy language as a matter of principle. We disagreed with him politically, but he was our president and we were able to accept that. We didn't need to be disruptive, violent or disrespectful.

Then again, considering these protests are taking place largely in the liberal bastions of NYC, LA and DC, I wouldn't be too quick to see this as an accurate metric of the overall mood in our country. If I were to see these demonstrations crop up in the industrial midwest and the southern US, then maybe it might mean something more. For now, I see it mostly as a group of people who did not get things their way and are now just in temper-tantrum mode, which can achieve little more than the division the left claims it doesn't want. Enough already.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reality check: Feeling like a tree doesn't make you a tree

The Boy Scouts of America's recent decision to admit girls who feel they are boys is pure insanity and yet another form of child abuse by the radical LGBT agenda to indoctrinate our children into a dangerous and unhealthy existence.

Girls are born with 74 trillion X (female) chromosomes. They have zero Y (male) chromosomes. No matter what a girl feels, this reality remains unchanged. The same goes for boys who 'feel' they are girls.

This doesn't mean we should not have compassion for young people struggling with various such identity issues. We should. In fact, any parent whose son is in a Boy Scout troop that includes a girl who feels she is a boy should teach their son (if they don't pull him out of Boy Scouts altogether) to treat the girl with compassion because she is clearly experiencing some serious issues. But the parents should never teach their son to actually believe the girl is a boy. That would be denying reality.

But when our society starts falling for such lunacy in order to appear tolerant and enlightened, we are all at risk. The New York Times went as far as to hail the BSA decision by writing, “The Boy Scouts are recognizing transgender boys for what they genuinely are: boys.” 

No, they are not boys. They are girls who feel they are boys. Feeling you are a boy when you are, in fact, a girl, makes you no closer to being a boy than if you were to actually be a tree because you feel you are a tree.

The fact that we are even seriously discussing this - and worse - getting fined for refusing to deny reality (as is anyone in New York City at risk of should they fail to refer to acknowledge someone by their chosen gender) shows how far we have fallen. And when more and more mainstream places buy into it (for example, Facebook offers 71 gender options for those setting up a FB page profile) it makes it that much harder to extract ourselves from this dark direction we're taking as a culture.  

But what is utterly condemnable is those who glamorize those with identity issues instead of providing the medical help they need. Those with identity problems are to be pitied and require help, and sensible societies should make that treatment available. But in our increasingly non-sensible society, such treatment is actually being outlawed in more and more places. 

These poor people -- especially young people who are most in the crosshairs of this godless quest to destroy God-given identities -- are being used by satan himself, and they will be tossed aside when their usefulness in destroying the culture has been exhausted.
Unfortunately, as long as adults sacrifice their spines in order to be seen as tolerant, it will only get worse. It's imperative that we step back and look at what is happening objectively: The BSA, a formerly Christ-centered organization, now has as its charter that not only is it acceptable for young girls to believe they are boys, it is not OK for you to reject that lie or to teach a child that reality is to be lived in - not denied.

It is madness, and it should be wholly and fully rejected.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Oxymoron of the day: Leftist tolerance

Fearing unrest, U of C at Berkeley officials decided to cancel a talk scheduled for this past Wednesday to be given by gay conservative and free speech activist Milo Yiannopoulos. No matter. Riots broke out anyway. The riots weren’t by conservatives protesting the suppression of Milo’s right to speak. The riots were by the fascist leftists to protest the fact that a conservative was even invited to speak in the first place.

Meanwhile, the Republican group that invited Milo to speak paid $6,000 for increased security. Not only did they not get it, but “law enforcement” stood by while the violence unfolded, saying they didn’t want to make things worse.

The increasingly ugly and frequent violence, vandalism, and vulgarity we’re seeing from the left is in the name of (in their minds) freedom of speech. But let’s get real. There is nothing supportive of free speech whatsoever when thugs burn cars, smash windows, and, in the case of one victim present outside the cancelled Berkeley event Wednesday, mace innocent bystanders all because real free speech is unbearably offensive to them.

While the left creates safe places, complete with blankets, stuffed animals, crayons and hot chocolate, for the adult-babies who cannot handle an opinion that is not part of their indoctrinated-induced brainwashing, the rest of us are literally at risk of being beaten up, “maced”, and having our property vandalized because the “tolerant” left simply cannot tolerate that some do not think as they do.

These astoundingly hypocritical and Constitution-dismissing leftists claim they are fighting for free speech. Right. They are really protesting free speech, particularly the 'free speech' demonstrated Nov. 8 when America elected Donald Trump. To the left, Trump simply doesn’t reflect their values. Well, if that's true, given the sort of disgusting, criminal, intolerant behavior the left values, then it’s just one more reason to be glad Trump won. 

Now if only the left could just get over it.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pretending to kill the president no big deal? Apparently.

Payal Modi, a high school fine arts teacher in Texas, expressed her contempt for President Donald Trump in her classroom on Inauguration Day by firing a water gun at the president’s image on her projector screen during class.

As Modi repetitively pulled the trigger of her toy water gun pointed at Trump’s head on the projector screen and yelled “Die!”, she had someone in her classroom film her outburst, which Modi then posted on Instagram. Modi, who makes a taxpayer-funded salary of $51,000, has since removed the video, but it is reportedly still accessible on Twitter.

According to reports, she has been placed on administrative leave while the Dallas Independent School District investigates her stunt.

Can anyone imagine what would have happened to a teacher if he/she did this very same thing to a picture of Obama? That teacher would have probably been charged with a hate crime and arrested. At the very least, the school would have fired the teacher. Besides, isn’t threatening to assassinate a president against the law?

While grade schoolers are expelled these days simply for drawing a picture of a gun, I don’t care how liberal or conservative you are, when children are being taught -- at taxpayer expense, no less -- that it’s ok, or “funny” to kill someone they don’t agree with, then it’s time to make a public example of that teacher, that administration and that school. How else will this disgusting behavior be stopped? This teacher should be terminated immediately, if not arrested – period.

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