Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pretending to kill the president no big deal? Apparently.

Payal Modi, a high school fine arts teacher in Texas, expressed her contempt for President Donald Trump in her classroom on Inauguration Day by firing a water gun at the president’s image on her projector screen during class.

As Modi repetitively pulled the trigger of her toy water gun pointed at Trump’s head on the projector screen and yelled “Die!”, she had someone in her classroom film her outburst, which Modi then posted on Instagram. Modi, who makes a taxpayer-funded salary of $51,000, has since removed the video, but it is reportedly still accessible on Twitter.

According to reports, she has been placed on administrative leave while the Dallas Independent School District investigates her stunt.

Can anyone imagine what would have happened to a teacher if he/she did this very same thing to a picture of Obama? That teacher would have probably been charged with a hate crime and arrested. At the very least, the school would have fired the teacher. Besides, isn’t threatening to assassinate a president against the law?

While grade schoolers are expelled these days simply for drawing a picture of a gun, I don’t care how liberal or conservative you are, when children are being taught -- at taxpayer expense, no less -- that it’s ok, or “funny” to kill someone they don’t agree with, then it’s time to make a public example of that teacher, that administration and that school. How else will this disgusting behavior be stopped? This teacher should be terminated immediately, if not arrested – period.

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