Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump's not dividing us...the left is

In looking at some of the media coverage of today's protests against President Donald Trump springing up in some cities, I saw a sign that said in reference to Trump, "He will not divide us." Finally, some truth from the left. It's true that Trump is not dividing us. The far left is. 

I'm not even sure they know what exactly it is they are protesting about Trump in the first place. Is it his attempt to put a moratorium on refugees coming in from the countries with the deepest terrorist activities? (I saw some signs about that, too). But Barack Obama tried the same thing. Why did the left not protest him? And do these protesters ever ask themselves why rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have not taken in any Syrian Refugees? Of course, these countries won't do so because even they know that there is a high percentage of terrorists among them. 

Are the protesters protesting Trump's crude comment about women that he made about a dozen years ago? If so, where was their indignation over Bill Clinton, who actually confessed to less than honorable treatment toward women himself? What exactly is the beef with Trump?

While these protesters have the right to protest, of course, in the eight years that I watched President Barack Obama do his level best to actually divide our country, I never once took to the streets in protest over him. Nobody I know who also disagreed with Obama ever threw bricks through windows, burned cars, beat up Obama supporters, or shut down the right for other Obama supporters to speak in public places. We didn't wear vulgar t-shirts, make death threats, or degrade ourselves with filthy language as a matter of principle. We disagreed with him politically, but he was our president and we were able to accept that. We didn't need to be disruptive, violent or disrespectful.

Then again, considering these protests are taking place largely in the liberal bastions of NYC, LA and DC, I wouldn't be too quick to see this as an accurate metric of the overall mood in our country. If I were to see these demonstrations crop up in the industrial midwest and the southern US, then maybe it might mean something more. For now, I see it mostly as a group of people who did not get things their way and are now just in temper-tantrum mode, which can achieve little more than the division the left claims it doesn't want. Enough already.

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  1. If I were to ever hear one actual valid example of why they are protesting, and I mean valid - not something the masses are merely repeating from what they hear from MSNBC and CNN, I too might give more credibility to this. But when people like Michael Moore - one of the wealthiest people around - starts websites to rally people to protest around town pubicly saying trump is "not my president" it is not based in reality because, guess what, Trump is our president, just like Obama was my president even though i didn't like his policies. But these are not just peaceful protests. They too often included violence like yesterday in Oregon, and all that does is hurt whatever cause it is these protesters think they are supporting. They are doing nothing but dividing us. Julie you are right it is not trump who is doing it.