Friday, February 3, 2017

Oxymoron of the day: Leftist tolerance

Fearing unrest, U of C at Berkeley officials decided to cancel a talk scheduled for this past Wednesday to be given by gay conservative and free speech activist Milo Yiannopoulos. No matter. Riots broke out anyway. The riots weren’t by conservatives protesting the suppression of Milo’s right to speak. The riots were by the fascist leftists to protest the fact that a conservative was even invited to speak in the first place.

Meanwhile, the Republican group that invited Milo to speak paid $6,000 for increased security. Not only did they not get it, but “law enforcement” stood by while the violence unfolded, saying they didn’t want to make things worse.

The increasingly ugly and frequent violence, vandalism, and vulgarity we’re seeing from the left is in the name of (in their minds) freedom of speech. But let’s get real. There is nothing supportive of free speech whatsoever when thugs burn cars, smash windows, and, in the case of one victim present outside the cancelled Berkeley event Wednesday, mace innocent bystanders all because real free speech is unbearably offensive to them.

While the left creates safe places, complete with blankets, stuffed animals, crayons and hot chocolate, for the adult-babies who cannot handle an opinion that is not part of their indoctrinated-induced brainwashing, the rest of us are literally at risk of being beaten up, “maced”, and having our property vandalized because the “tolerant” left simply cannot tolerate that some do not think as they do.

These astoundingly hypocritical and Constitution-dismissing leftists claim they are fighting for free speech. Right. They are really protesting free speech, particularly the 'free speech' demonstrated Nov. 8 when America elected Donald Trump. To the left, Trump simply doesn’t reflect their values. Well, if that's true, given the sort of disgusting, criminal, intolerant behavior the left values, then it’s just one more reason to be glad Trump won. 

Now if only the left could just get over it.

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