Saturday, February 25, 2017

The leading cause of death for black Americans...shhhh

As Black History Month is just about drawing to a close, I wonder how many people know the history of how the black population has been targeted for elimination - not by "racist republicans", but by the contraception and abortion advocates who sprung up historically to eradicate them. 

Today, the leading cause of black Americans is not cancer or heart disease. It's abortion. In fact, more black Americans have died from abortion than cancer, heart disease, diabetes and AIDS combined.

Planned Parenthood - the country's leading abortion provider founded by the woman who said black people are inferior humans - and that inferior humans should be eliminated - is disproportionately present in urban, inner city areas where the black population is most concentrated.

As I write this, I am sitting in a parked RV in an inner city neighborhood of Detroit. The RV is owned by Image Clear Ultrasound, a non-profit mission that gives pregnant women in urban areas free ultrasounds right on the RV (I'm a volunteer driver, hence why I am sitting here while the wonderful counselor and ultrasound tech do their work in the back).

Many of these women are scared, alone and abortion-minded. But many, once they see the ultrasound - the undeniable shape of their son or daughter - turn away from abortion and choose life for their child. 

It's surprising to me to learn how many of these women are not aware of the resources available to them, from free diapers, food and clothing, to shelter, job training and financial support. And it's very surprising to these women when they learn about the history of Planned Parenthood's targeting toward the black race. Of course, the abortion promoters don't share this fact with the women who need it the most.

Information is out there that does reveal the ugly details, however. Websites like and movies like Maafa 21, do an incredible job of exposing the evil practice of eugenics, better known as "choice", "reproductive rights", and "women's healthcare".

The lie of abortion is made even more evil when its true agenda is hidden from the women it most eagerly targets. In this month that honors black history, I would hope that all of us, black, white and everyone, would take the time to learn the real history about how those who claim to care about black people actually devote their attention. It's up to us to learn this history - and the present day facts - because the anti-life people have no intentions of letting us hear the truth from them.

And while Planned Parenthood receives $1.5 million a day in our tax dollars - in addition to about a million dollars a day in private donations, non-profits like Image Clear Ultrasound that do all they can to save lives, struggle just to keep afloat. There's something really wrong with that, isn't there?

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