Friday, January 27, 2012

Obama and the environmentalists score one more victory for America's defeat

President Obama's recent decision to reject a permit for TransCanada Corp's Keystone oil pipeline (which would've stretched from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico) accomplished several things. It insulted our Canadian friends and secured our dependence on foreign oil from anti-American nations. It encouraged higher emissions in our waterways and it helped China. Most unforgivable, it appeased environmentalists at the expense of Americans in desperate need of jobs.

Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has already invested US$1.88 billion in this project, a major portion of which he offered to America by building the pipeline through our country, through which an estimated 830,000 barrels of oil would've been transported daily. Rather than accept this opportunity, which would've provided an estimated 20,000 US jobs while reducing our unfriendly-foreign oil dependence, Obama thumbed his nose at our Canadian friend, claiming the pipeline would hurt our environment.

While the environmentalists cheered (and Obama conveniently secured more votes for his upcoming election), PM Harper simply decided to consider offering the deal to China. If environmentalists really are concerned about the world, their cheering should abruptly stop when they realize that shipping all that oil to China via tankers will produce substantially more emissions than a pipeline in America would have. Will the environmentalists challenge this though? Not likely. It's America they want to destroy, not the world they want to save.

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  1. The enviromentalists put the earth first, and the people last. They won't be happy until every single one of us is gone, and their constant meddling will do a good job of making that happen.