Thursday, August 16, 2012

President's amnesty experiment goes into effect for thousands of illegal immigrants

In a twist of irony that even Hollywood couldn't make up, on the first day of President Obama's new immigration program, a Dream Act workshop in Chicago was so popular that organizers had to turn away thousands of illegal immigrants. Thousands more stood in lines in other Dream Act workshops across America, which allowed people covered under Obama’s immigration executive order to be safe from deportation for at least two years.

For anyone in need of a reminder, the executive order signed by Obama ignores the constitutional separation of powers. Obama used the executive order to get around Congress’ rejection of the immigration reform plan called the Dream Act - essentially ramming it down our throats via executive fiat.

The program is supposed to be open to illegal immigrants between the ages of 15 and 31 who entered the country before they were 16 and who have lived here for at least five years. Estimates of the number of illegals who will be affected by the program have varied from 1.7 million to more than 3 million nationwide. CBS referred to the program as “a major immigration policy change.”

To those of us who believe the Constitution matters, it's particularly frustrating that Congress has done nothing to overturn Obama's actions, which basically gives amnesty to millions of people here illegally. Since the executive order was signed, some Border Patrol agents report they are no longer allowed to arrest or even detain anybody crossing the border who claims to be eligible to be here under Obama's self-imposed immigration policy.

In addition, some televised news reports have said Dream Act workshop participants in Los Angeles were told that the amnesty would be revoked if Republicans win the November election.

Just another nice tactic by Obama supporters to win support at any costs. How this might affect America and the rule of law is of no concern.

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