Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Roe v Wade anniversary: President Obama's pro-life speech

Today marks a very tragic anniversary in America's history. On this day in 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that children still in the womb do not have a right to their own lives. In other words, according to the Roe v Wade ruling, they have no rights at all.

Later this week, hundreds of thousands of people will march in Washington, DC, to stand up as a witness for the sanctity of all life, from conception to natural death. Every year the crowds get bigger - and remarkably younger - because more people every day are waking up and seeing through the lies that the pro-abortion advocates would have us believe: that human life is nothing but a pawn in the battle for "women's freedom", and that choosing to end that life is something to celebrate as a litmus test of women's equality; the lie that human life is meaningless if it cannot be held and cuddled in person, if it is seen as an inconvenience, or if, by euthanasia standards - it cannot fend for itself completely.
Yesterday, President Barack Obama - the most rabidly pro-abortion president in our nation's history - was sworn in for his second term. While in yesterday's inauguration speech he strongly advocated for gay rights (whose lives are not being snuffed out "just because") he never mentioned the sanctity of human life in all its forms. That's probably because he spent his first term in office surrounding himself with pro-abortion militants determined to help him carry out his war against the unborn. I imagine we can expect more of the same in his second term.

But imagine something else for a moment: what if the president did have a change of heart and one day came to realize that we cannot fully claim to value human life unless we value human life in all its forms - including the unborn? What would he say to defend life?

Well, he'd probably say exactly what he said in the wake of the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT. Take a moment to watch the video below. It's interesting to observe that, if Mr. Obama were speaking about the value of all life - including the unborn, his words would be precisely the same.


Now if only the 55 million people whose lives have been ended through abortion could be here to hear his words, and if only his words were expressing compassion for these unborn people as well.

As John Paul II once said, "A nation that kills its children has no future." To all those who have lost their lives to abortion, to the countless women who suffer and hurt because of past abortions, and for all those who will brave the cold to stand up for life in Washington, DC, later this week, may those in the rest of the world who embrace the lie of abortion consider you, and ultimately, for the sake of our future, have a change of heart.

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  1. How I would like to believe that these words could someday come out of President Obama’s mouth in support of all human life, but I cannot conjure up enough of an imagination to believe that it will ever happen. To think that this barbaric practice against the unborn has imbedded itself in America for 40 years is unthinkable. A once great nation that believed in life and liberty is no longer the exceptional country it once was. We rightfully memorialize the Holocaust of World War II, yet America propagates its own Holocaust. America during the Nuremberg trials prosecuted the Nazis for the crime of abortion and now our nation practices on a far wider scale what we once rightly condemned. You quoted the prophetic words of John Paul II which ring so true. When I think of John Paul II I can’t help but recall the final days of his life and that of Terri Schiavo. I think God revealed to us by the suffering of those two people the great contrast between a respect for life and the callousness of those who seek to destroy it. The whole world bore witness to that message and I hope and pray that it continues to be heard. I know I heard it and as the video shows I know others continue to hear it as well.

    1. So beautifully put, Ed - thank you. I know it's so hard to imagine that President Obama could ever be converted, but I pray for it daily just the same. Keep in mind that Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the one who lead the cause for abortion in Roe v. Wade repented, converted to Catholicism and because a stalwart pro-life advocate. He provided in detail how he helped manipulate the numbers and the facts in order to sway public opinion in favor of abortion. If he can change - as did Norma McCorvey - then there is hope for everyone, including our painfully misguided president. All things are possible with God.

      By the way, what a perfect example you cite with JPII and Terri Schiavo and the contrast between respect for life and the disregarding of it. I still cannot think of Terri without getting choked up. It stuns me that this could have happened in our time. Every day I pray for the change of heart of those who are so entrenched in the dark that they make it possible for these ugly things to take place. But there is reason for hope - like the vast numbers of young people who are identifying with respect for life (and remember, pro-life people are having more children - one day, we will be the sound majority!:-) Thanks again for your thoughtful insights. God bless.

  2. It is quite dismaying that Obama is not a pro-life president.Unborn have the right to be born.We should value life whether it is in the womb or out of the womb.

    1. Amen to that. Thanks for your comments. Have a great day!