Thursday, April 4, 2013

No Tigers' Opening Day military flyover so Obama can make petty political point

President Obama wants us to suffer any way he can - all to prove a political point that sequestration is bad for the country (even though he was the first one to suggest it...until Republicans got involved - then he had to back pedal and tell us all how horrible it is).

To make sure we all know how "bad" sequestration is, Obama wants us to feel the pain directly.

School kids across the country who saved money through bake sales and other efforts to pay their way to the nation's capital are left standing at the door of the White House because Obama says sequestration prevents us from funding tours there. Yet at the same time, he and the First Lady are entertaining Hollywood celebrities there with luxurious, opulent dinners and other niceties. Beyonce, and Harrison Ford are just some of the several "special guests" who have recently been privy to the royal treatment at taxpayer expense, while the public is told to get lost.

Obama says sequestration also means we can no longer afford the tradition of military flyovers at special events. That means there will be no such pomp and circumstance at tomorrow's Home Opener at Comerica Park - even though, as part of regular training activities, such flyoevers don't cost taxpayers extra money. It's just a nice bit of Americana we enjoy at such events. But Obama wants to strip us of that simple pleasure to show just how bad sequestration is. Yet, by the way, he somehow has found millions of dollars to give to unfriendly nations.

Obama has also targeted about 150 air traffic control towers across America for shut down because sequesration makes them impossible to afford, so he says. But he somehow found a million dollars to grant one group the ability to study the sex life of snails in New Zealand.

As if this weren't bad enough, now cancer clinics nationwide are turning away thousands of Medicare patient "due to" sequester cuts. So while human beings are being denied life-saving treatments, it calls to mind the March 5 Washington Times report that said a leaked email confirmed Obama's political strategy to make budget cuts as painful as possible to win the public opinion battle against Republicans.

In targeting cancer patients, our president is politicizing medicine to make a point, coldly putting his agenda over the well-being of Americans. It's reprehensible - and just wait until ObamaCare is fully implemented. Everyone will be impacted by the politicizing of our healthcare system so Obama can continue scoring his own points.

If Obama were really interested in saving money, he'd start with saving it where it shouldn't be getting spent in the first place. But that's not his goal. His goal is to make us feel the suffering of his tantrum so he can prove some childish political point. He should be ashamed, but I don't believe he has the capacity to feel such a thing.

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