Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Duck Dynasty' debacle shows left's complete intolerance & hypocrisy

During a GQ interview, "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson expressed his views on homosexuality, acknowledging his agreement with the Bible, which declares it a sin. He has now been suspended from the hit A&E show for his views.

In a statement, A&E said it was extremely disappointed to hear Robertson's remarks, which it said were based on his personal beliefs and do not reflect those of the A&E Network -- which considers itself a friend of the lesbian and gay community (it's just not a friend of different opinions, apparently). Human rights groups and GLAAD have also chimed in, slamming Robertson for his "vile" comments.

It's interesting, though, how we didn't hear human rights groups, N.O.W. or any other leftist group chime in when MSNBC host Martin Bashir said on air recently that someone should do unspeakable things in Sara Palin's mouth. Bashir has since resigned, but MSNBC gave him the dignity of remaining on air for two more weeks and allowed him to give a farewell statement, rather than firing him on the spot for his own vile comments.

But Bashir gets a pass in general by the mainstream media and others because his personal views are of the leftist variety in general. And as one sympathetic commentator put it, "while I don't agree with Bashir's statements, it is a free country."

Yes, it is a free country - for people like Bashir. But each day that passes it's becoming less of a free country for people like Robertson, whose views are based on Judeo-Christian principles not in line with the leftist world view of anything goes. Instead of tolerating people like Robertson - the left, who markets itself as the champion of tolerance - is waging a systematic silencing campaign against Robertson and anyone else who refuses to fall in line with leftist thinking.

Of course A&E has the right to fire Robertson if it chooses, but the fact that it's firing him simply for violating their stifling speech codes is what's so worrisome.

Consider the baker in Colorado who is being forced by a judge to bake wedding cakes for a same-sex couple, despite the fact it violates his Christian beliefs to do so. The Senate has voted for a bill that allows any homosexual who gets fired to sue for discrimination, regardless of the reason for his termination. Christian employers are being forced to provide for contraception and abortifacients that violate their faith teachings. The military is consistently trying to officially designate Christian evangelicals as a "hate group." San Antonio and other cities' anti-discrimination laws protect gays, but stifle Christians' free speech rights, while schools, cities and other public places are doing everything they can to ban Christmas - or anything Christian related - from even being mentioned.

A&E's actions against Robertson aren't so much a case of employer/employee disgruntlement as it is a very public example of how it feels Christians should be treated in general. While the network was happy to rake in millions of dollars off the popular Robertson show - of which the family's Christian principles are a centerpiece - for Robertson to express those beliefs anywhere else is grounds for termination. Why? Is A&E that afraid of gay activists who are furious that Robertson would dare to speak about his faith in a way that doesn't endorse homosexuality outright? It doesn't matter that Robertson also said we should love and respect homosexuals. The fact that he believes in Biblical teachings on it overall is the problem.

Where will it stop? As an increasing number of private corporations in a post-bailout era are dependent on government use of tax money in order to survive, consider how long it will be before a company's views on homosexuality will be a litmus test for how 'deserving' it is of government support. And as the increasingly bold speech-police state envelops this country, how much more common will it be that employees at these companies - a.k.a. private citizens - will be fired simply for speaking about their beliefs, while homosexuals are given preferential, protected treatment? 

Last time I checked, a free and mature country is one that allows for diverse views, beliefs and thoughts. But according to the supposedly tolerant left, freedom of speech only applies to the extent that you believe and think the same way they do. If you don't, and if you believe in Christian principles, be prepared for the forces of scorn to be unleashed upon you - and worse. The left says conservatives are the ones trying to force their morals on the country, but it is conservatives who are being forced to walk the "acceptable" leftist line, or else. 

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  1. I am constantly appalled at the not only intolerant, but degrading and offensive comments against Christians that go unnoticed or, even worse, are widely spread and supported on various social networks. There is such an obvious (and scary) double standard!

  2. Weird. Everybody is concentrating on the Bearded One's thoughts on gays, but ignoring him talking about the happy black people working the fields, and that he never saw mistreatment of blacks before the civil rights movement came along. Why is it you're ignoring that part of his interview?

    I like how you talk about "Christian principles." That's important, right? But remind me - what exactly did Jesus say about gays, again?

    You mentioned Martin Bashir. You know he was forced to quit, right? Probably wanted to "spend more time with his family."

    But let's not worry about that; I'm curious. What are your thoughts on the Dixie Chicks?

    1. Hello, Nameless Cynic. Funny, actually I did cover his comments on black people in my original post, but it was getting long winded of me to cover both points, so I took it out and focused merely on the left's attack on Christians. There's no other reason than that. Robertson's comments on black people were as innocuous as his comments on homosexuality, but he is being excoriated for them as well. He pointed out that it is a documented fact that there was more black home ownership, more black marriages and higher income on average among the black population before the left's "War on Poverty" than there is now. Robertson was simply acknowledging the facts that the left likes to deny. Also, what if he never saw mistreatment in his own personal experience? He wasn't saying it didn't happen - just that he didn't personally witness it. Why should that be an issue for anyone?

      As for Bashir, yes, he had to quit but not for two weeks, was allowed air time to make himself look as good as possible, and you certainly don't hear the backlash against him as you are hearing about Phil Robertson. Let's at least acknowledge that reality.

      Christ taught us to reject sin, but love the sinner. That's exactly what Phil Robertson said too.

      As for the Dixie Chicks, I don't think of them at all.

      Thanks for reading and Merry, Blessed Christmas to you!

  3. I have posted a response to this post about Phil Robertson specific to you.

    1. Wow, Spartacus. You're angry. I am on my way somewhere else, so I hope to comment in completion later, but for now, just's "you're", not "your" and not "principals" but "principles". And it is the love of material goods - including love of self over God's Commandments, not wealth itself, that makes the journey so difficult to travail through the needle's eye. Oh, how wonderful the left's cliches are to the unthinking parrots like you. I would implore you to think for yourself, but that is beyond your realm. Oh, and Bashir did say what he said.