Monday, March 17, 2014

Boycott Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams for their intolerance?

Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams brewers have all pulled their sponsorship from St. Patrick's Day parades being held in New York and Boston today. The reason? Because the St. Patrick's Day parades honor St. Patrick, and not homosexuals. New York's and Boston's mayors have also opted out of the parades for the same reason.

Apparently they're miffed because the parades are "banning" homosexuals from marching in the parades. Too bad they are completely wrong about that. The parades welcome everyone to participate. What's banned are pro-LGBT banners or posters to be part of the parade. But pro-life posters/banners are also banned. In fact, no banners or posters deemed political are allowed in the parades at all.

Of course everyone has the right to their opinion (unless you're a conservative, straight, Christian), but maybe the beer companies should get their facts straight before risking everything to show how intolerant they are. After all, even if open, practicing homosexuals were banned from a parade honoring a Catholic saint, isn't that the private parade organizers' right?

But it's not even about that. The issue is about political banners at a non-political parade. But if these guys are so offended, do they believe "straight is great" banners should be forced at LGBT parades? Should the Ku Klux Klan be allowed to have a presence at a parade honoring the contributions of black Americans? Would Guinness and Sam Adams express umbrage at that type of discrimination? Give me a break.

Apparently some pubs in Boston have already contacted their Guinness sales reps to come and remove their kegs/taps from their establishment. Good for them. Maybe this will open some eyes that the more people try to force everyone to accept and even celebrate the homosexual lifestyle, the more damage they're going to do as a whole because eventually Americans will grow tired of having their freedoms usurped by an agenda-driven group -- and they will push back.

Too bad the supposed champions of tolerance are too blinded by intolerance to see this fact.

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  1. Guiness I can take or leave. I enjpyed Sam Adams Octoberfest, But Becks is every bit as good and maybe a little better.
    I know what I'll be drinking from now on

    Dennis the librarian shusher