Monday, July 7, 2014

Government data: US climate in cooling trend

As we all have been informed by President Barack Obama, global warming is occurring at an alarming rate. It's so bad that we must all agree to immediate government control of our way of life - and control of our wallets. After all, the only way to stop global warming is to change our normal activities and pay lots and lots of money in higher taxes and higher electric rates.

Too bad that findings from our own government show that global warming just isn't happening (remember a few years ago when the "scientists" studying global warming were caught admitting that it's all a hoax?) In fact, the new data from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reveal that we are actually in a cooling trend, and have been for years.

Please read this article from Forbes for the details. The question is, will the global warming alarmists breathe a sigh of relief that they actually have nothing to worry about, or will they feel a sense of disappointment that their justification for allowing government control of our lives has been removed?

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  1. But if the low information voters aren't told this by the Obama MSM, they'll continue voting for the Democrats who are the only ones who can save them from doom. I don't know what's more dangerous. Obama and the EPA, or the uninformed people who every couple years get civic-active just long enough to vote these monsters back into power (not that the EPA people were elected, but you get my point)

  2. I heard on the John McCullough show from a caller that the N.O.A.A. is in bed with the Global Warming alarmists and that a third party studied N.O.A.A.'s own data that showed the cooling trend. I don't have confirmation for this, but it would not surprise me.