Friday, September 5, 2014

Solemn Prayer Assembly for Peace and Guidance in Lansing, Sept. 6

In this day when the culture is teaching us that good is evil and evil is good, we need prayer more than ever. Even within the Catholic Church, guidance can be sorely missing, as is evident by New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan's recent agreement to serve as Grand Marshall of the next St. Patrick's Day Parade - after parade organizers announced they would now allow practicing homosexuals to march in the parade. 

According to Dolan, it is not our place to "judge" homosexuals, so therefore turning a blind eye to their sin rather than trying to help them out of it, is okay. Meanwhile, thousands of human lives are snuffed out by abortion every day, the elderly are being "counseled" to end their lives prematurely with artificial means, and people seem to barely notice that Christians in the Middle East are being brutally murdered simply because they are Christian.

That is why tomorrow's Solemn Prayer Assembly for Peace and Guidance is so critical. From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the Capitol steps in Lansing, Michigan citizens will pray for God’s grace, counsel, and blessings for Life, Marriage & Family, and Religious Freedom—the heart & soul of America. Prayer petitions will be made for the following:

  • To Heal our land
  • To Uphold the sanctity of human life and vanquish the culture of death
  • To Restore marriage, God’s 1st institution, and its gifts of family life and civilization, which marriage bears forth to humanity for all time
  • To Safeguard and protect vulnerable humanity—most especially our little ones from conception to adult life
  • To Restore Religious Freedom under God and end the persecution of human beings because of their faith
If you can't make it to Lansing, consider gathering with fellow citizens locally and unite your community in prayer and solidarity with this Capitol Steps Solemn Prayer Assembly.
Distinguished Michigan leaders and prayer assembly speakers gathering on the Capitol Steps include Bishop Earl Boyea of the Catholic Diocese of Lansing, Rev. Paul Clark (Lutherans for Life), Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fowler, MI, Elder Dr. Levon Yuille, Pastor of Bible Church in Ypsilanti  & Joshua’s Trail at WDTK 1400 Radio, Minister Stacy Swimp of Revive Alive Missional Ministry, Pastor Austin T. Kreutz of Allegan Pastor of The Path, Gina Johnsen of Michigan Capitol House of Prayer, Sen. Tupac Hunter of Senate District 5, Fulton Sheen of Isaiah 58:12, Dr. Michael T. Ross, MD of Defending Our Father’s House, and many others.
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