Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Denying link between Islam and terrorism is a foolish mistake

When will our world's leaders unbury their heads and acknowledge the link between terrorism and Islam? No, not all Muslims are terrorists, but pretty much every act of terrorism we've seen in the past couple of decades have been enacted by Muslims in the name of Allah.

But liberals want us to think that Christians are the real threat. They want us to believe that Christians are trying to take away other people’s religious rights, Christians are trying to destroy science education, Christians are radicals and potential home-grown terrorists.

Of course there are some Christians who are sick in the head and do bad things. But they are denounced by practicing Christians, not praised like Muslim terrorists are, as indicated by the dancing in the streets we saw by many Muslims after the Sept. 11 attacks. And to the argument that it's only a small percentage of Muslims who are intent on killing those who don't praise Allah, keep in mind there are about a billion Muslims. Even a small percentage of that means millions of radical, deadly Muslims scouring the earth for their latest targets to kidnap, rape and behead.

Meanwhile Christians in America are getting in trouble for praying in public, for putting a crucifix on their desk or even, as in the case of one fire station, putting up a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” sign during the Christmas season. Even a Christian military chaplain was recently punished for citing Scripture during a suicide prevention seminar he was leading. 

But murdering Christians because they don't embrace Islam? Beheading a woman in Oklahoma because she refused to convert? Holding Sydney-based cafe patrons hostage for hours and killing some of them because they're not Muslim? Slaughtering hundreds of Pakistani children at school in the name of Allah? These are just isolated incidents carried out by misguided criminals, according to world leaders and many in the media. 

What is particularly disturbing, is that in the wake of the Sydney hostage crisis, almost immediately afterward, the hashtag #illridewithyou popped up in Twitter in support of Muslims. Why was there no #illprayforyou hashtag in support of the hostages and the victims who were killed?

In fact, the day after the hostage showdown in Sydney, Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott proclaimed that ISIS - the group responsible for the hostage situation at the cafe - has nothing to do with any religion. I guess he doesn't know that the first "I" in ISIS stands for Islamic.

In a press-conference response to the beheading of an American journalist by ISIS members, our own denier-in-chief Barack Obama said earlier this year that ISIS is neither Islamic nor a State. I guess he doesn't know that the first "S" in ISIS stands for State. Then again, he had to get back to the golf course immediately after that conference so probably didn't have time to do his fact checking.

If these radical Islamists wanted to keep their fanatic beliefs to themselves, that would be one thing. But they don't. They have announced repeatedly their intentions to take over the world and kill anyone who doesn't adopt their beliefs. From what we're seeing, they're living up to their promise, and anyone denying the threat they represent is a fool.

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