Thursday, February 5, 2015

Outrageous: Obama compares ISIS actions to Christians in the name of Christ

This man doesn't even deserve the attention I give him, except for the hope that anyone who still is still blinded by this man will begin to see him for what he is: either a man drowning in delusion overall about the dangers facing our world, or a man actually out for the destruction of Western civilization as we know it.

Instead of condemning with the full force of his power and authority what these ISIS and other radical Islam animals are doing, Obama (at a National Prayer Breakfast, no less) just compared them to what Christians did during the Crusades in the name of Christ, and that proponents of Jim Crow laws felt they "were justified in the name of Christ." In fact, he said we need to get "off our high horses" in thinking we are not as guilty as these barbaric murderers.

What Christians did thousands of years ago during the Crusades is in no way a moral equivalent of today's radical Islam. Yes, there were atrocities as Christians fought to take back land stolen from them by Muslims. And while it may be true, it is utterly irrelevant to today. There is  no comparison between what Christians did then, to men in the modern day who chop off children's heads for watching a soccer game, or who douse caged men in gasoline and set them aflame. But Obama wants us to believe it's no different than what happened thousands of years ago, and hence he diminishes the unheard of evil being committed today.

What's happening now is not Christians on the march, it is radical Islam. And they have Christians and other "apostates" as their targets. Astonishing that our president would equate this satanism, because that's what it is, with Christians in any way, shape or form. It's revolting. 

I have nothing else to say right now. I am too sickened with disgust by this traitor in the White House, who preaches to us while doing nothing to genuinely denounce or act against these monsters. 

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