Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Catholic University investigated for "too many crosses" - offensive to Muslims

Catholic University in Washington D.C. is being investigated for offending Muslims because there are too many crosses on campus.
This situation might be rather humorous if it wasn’t foretelling of things to come. American life, culture, and the very foundation of both our government and the governments of the West are being shaken by the threat Islam poses to future generations.
A sixty-page complaint was filed in the D.C. Human Rights office by a professor from George Washington University Law School. Professor John Banzhaf alleges the “excessive” amount of “Catholic imagery” at the school are offensive creating a hostile environment for Muslim students to pray.
Banzhaf, who already has a pending lawsuit against the university over ending its policy of allowing mixed-gender dormitories and has a history of filing civil rights suits on such topics as childhood obesity and smoking, filed the complaint alleging that Muslim students are not given their own prayer rooms.

He alleges that the university, “does not provide space – as other universities do – for the many daily prayers Muslim students must make, forcing them instead to find temporarily empty classrooms where they are often surrounded by Catholic symbols which are incongruous to their religion.”

Although, no complaints have been filed from any of the University’s Muslim students and no legal filing has been made, a spokesman for the human rights office said they’re looking into Banzhaf’s complaint.

Overall what this means is that Christian institutions across America are under siege by the left, using Muslims and their beliefs as a tool to undermine the framework of these organizations, as well as the bedrock of America. And if Christian institutions think it’s bad now, wait to see what happens should the Supreme Court lift the ban on same-sex “marriage.”

By undermining Christians, leftist activists are undermining freedom for all people no matter their race, creed or religion. After all, the omission of Christ and Christians are essential to the creation of an all-powerful totalitarian state.

Let’s hope Catholic University defends the cross and its rights as a Catholic institution.

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