Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Will Christians tolerate the left's intolerance?

"If the coming conversation about religious freedom is left to the judicial and executive branches of our government, all Americans — whether they know it or not — will lose that debate before it even begins." 

These words from Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), echo the warning from Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) that we are just a breath away from having our Christian teachings labeled as "hate speech," and "dangerous."
Christianity has been the biggest enemy of the Left and adding to Rubio's warning, Senator Lee, speaking at Hillsdale College, expressed deep concern over America's tradition of religious diversity, tolerance, and freedom, warning they are being questioned and threatened like never before.
"In many ways, our tradition of religious liberty is the dog that didn't bark. Americans take for granted religious toleration and pluralism because, blessedly — we have never known anything else. We have no comparable scars or memories of the sectarian violence that has plagued mankind in almost every other time and place. That can make it hard for us to appreciate the monumental achievement our religious freedom represents... and the radical departure it was from the cultures from whence we came."

Lee later added that religious liberty in America "is not an accident of history, or a quirk of the law. It is nothing less than a culture-defining human achievement. Yet recent events suggest it could be losing ground."

I believe it's even far worse than Senator Lee suggests. Today our core values are being twisted and perverted by radicals who call Christians "Nazi-like," "bigots," "hate-mongers," "homophobes," and any other term that can further demonize and discredit us.
The campaign to remove our constitutionally protected rights of religious freedom and conscience from the social lexicon is fully underway.

How we respond to the Left's aggressive turn toward Christian "intolerance" will determine the future of our culture. Will we be passive, or will we fight as if our lives depend on it?

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  1. Here is another example of how Julie and other extreme conservatives streches the truth. The owners of this business deserve the fine.

    First, the Gortz Haus Gallery is not a “church,” as Cruz repeatedly labels it. The gallery was a church, but when the Odgaards bought it, they converted it from a house of worship into a bistro, flower shop, art gallery, and wedding venue—in other words, a business. Second, the video strongly implies that the Odgaard’s business was forced to stop hosting all weddings because the state fined it into oblivion. That is not true. The Iowa Civil Rights Commissioned fined the Odgaards just $5,000—and insisted that they must stop refusing service to same-sex couples. It was the latter ruling by which the Odgaards could not abide. Betty Odgaard says the gallery stopped hosting weddings because “we didn’t have a choice.” In fact, the gallery stopped hosting weddings because the Odgaards couldn’t bear to serve gay and bisexual clientele.