Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hillary's trickle-down economics bad for everyone (except maybe the wealthy)

When it comes to America’s future, at least in terms of the economy, what do we want? Do we want the stagnant European, cradle-to-grave “security” socialist model, or do we want the American model of vigorous growth, low taxes, and individual liberty to get things moving again? It should be a very clear choice.

Today Hillary Clinton reveals her plans to raise taxes on individuals, the wealthy and corporations, increase and expand social security, and increase spending for tax-funded infrastructure and education. In other words, she revealed her own version of the tax and spend formula of European socialism.

Trump has not mentioned expanding Social Security or Medicaid, but he also doesn’t plan to touch them for cuts either. He does, however, plan to lower taxes for every bracket of individuals and corporations, cut regulations, encourage domestic energy expansion, and, while his plans for infrastructure spending are larger than Hillary’s, he is planning on predominantly private - not taxpayer-funded –investment.

In other words, Trump supports a recipe for vigorous growth in the economy – the very growth essential to fixing our economy. In fact, we simply can’t fix the economy without growth, which creates jobs and prosperity across the board. Obama spent $800 billion in tax dollars on ‘shovel ready’ jobs, yet our infrastructure is far from where it should be. Where did that money go? Now Hillary wants to spend an additional $300 billion of taxpayer money on infrastructure that should have been taken care of under Obama, and that will provide temporary jobs only for the most part.

But Hillary’s plan sure does sound good. In fact, some might ask, what’s wrong with Europe and why wouldn’t we want to model America after it? After all, Europe has lots of “free” stuff, lots of paid holidays, supposed 'fairness' in punishing the wealthy. Why would anyone want to oppose it? Because European socialism doesn’t work, that's why. It is not a sustainable system. Much of it is bankrupt, the population is rapidly declining and aging, and there has been virtually no growth for many, many years. And if America continues on this European-style path, we will be in the same sinking boat.

Hillary mocks Trump’s economic plan, saying it’s a return to old ways of “phantom” trickle-down economics. But what about Hillary’s sure-fire trickle-down economics? Stimulating the private sector does not happen by raising taxes and increasing regulations. Corporations socked with higher taxes never in actuality pay higher taxes; they simply raise the prices on their goods and services that the middle and lower economic consumers have to pay. Higher taxes simply reduce corporate jobs that the middle and working class depend on. Strangling regulations simply make it harder for companies to grow or even to stay in America. 

Hillary’s plan will trickle down alright – directly in the form of higher prices and fewer jobs for the rest of us. That’s hardly a recipe for middle and working class success, and it’s hardly a recipe for overall growth in America. All it would do is make the "ruling class" more powerful, while the division between the "wealthy" and the rest of us gets that much wider.

Nonetheless, Hillary is determined to make us more like Europe, while Trump wants to keep us like the America we were meant to be. Which one sounds better to you?


  1. On top of Hillary's horrible economic policy plans, her email crime, that she says is no big deal, one of the emails mentioned the name of an american spy living in Iran and now that the emails are basically accessible to any average joe hacker, he has now been executed. she is disgusting. anyone who supports her has no right to say they are for anything moral, right, just or equal because they are clearly okay with smut like this. any woman who would support hillary is especially pathetic imho.

  2. You people are all losers. And you wine when you louse. Trump and his republican party will be the biggest losers come November. And he is starting to wine about his standings in the polls and when not if he louses and its only August. Two more months and we won't have to look at his post. PTL

  3. I think Christine G, you should check your facts before recirculating them. If you don't support Hillary that is fine. I don't think you need to call everyone who does immoral. I don't find Trump's politics very moral at all but I will stop short of calling everyone who supports him immoral, or unjust, or pathetic just because he behaves in a manner that implies he is. I'm not sure what imho is so I won't call any Trump supporters that either.

    1. imho = in my humble opinion. The point being, it's just someone's opinion. Lighten up in your anger maybe? But really, how can anyone support a woman who has so much corruption, baggage, and indifference toward the murdered victims of Benghazi? It does seem like people who are okay with that would be okay with a lot of other things...imho:-)

  4. More Benghazi...when will you people let up? Your so paranoid hateful and vindictive and yes Christian, so self righteous and judgemental.

  5. Mark, you are the perfect example of a Hillary supporter... nasty and uneducated. If you are going to attack people via the written word keep a dictionary handy or learn how to spell.