Monday, November 7, 2016

Vote: If for no other reason, for life itself

This is it.  Tomorrow either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected President of the United States.  No one else can win.

We know that Hillary Clinton should never be President. She is still proud of voting in favor of partial-birth abortion and she wants to use our tax dollars to pay for more and more of them.

Regardless of your party, there is no issue more important than life itself.

So please, please make sure you and everyone you know vote. And vote for Donald Trump who will appoint pro-life judges and support pro-life laws and religious liberty. Put aside your disdain for his personality and comments. This is not about us personally. It's not about how we feel, and it's not about making a statement against crassness. This is our one and only chance to stop Hillary and her incredible commitment to anti-life policies. Our only chance.
Please also vote pro-life in US House and Senate races. Pro-abortion Democrats should never control the US Senate or US House. 
Here is a comparison of the candidates on life.  Please share it and this message with all your contacts.

May God bless and protect the unborn, the elderly, and the USA.

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