Friday, July 14, 2017

What military-funded 'gender transition' surgery really means...

In a disheartening move toward the complete breakdown of society and common sense, more than 20 Republicans have joined Democrats in voting to defeat an amendment that would have denied Pentagon funds to pay for "sex change" surgeries by US military personnel.

As reported by journalist Peter LaBera, “the amendment, introduced by Missouri Republican Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, follows another one she withdrew last week that targets the Obama-imposed policy allowing gender-confused transgender individuals to serve openly in the US military. This policy, which was imposed without congressional legislation or debate, orders all military personnel to accept transsexuals in bathrooms, showers and other private areas, showing zero concern for the feelings of women exposed to ‘gender pretenders’ taking advantage of the situation.

“As. Rep. Hartzler said, ‘By recruiting and allowing transgender individuals to serve in our military, we are subjecting taxpayers to high medical costs, including up to $130,000 per transition surgery, lifetime hormone treatments, and additional surgeries to address the high percentage of individuals who experience complications,’ adding that “transgender” surgeries alone could cost US taxpayers $1.35 billion over the next 10 years.

“She went on to note that with that money the DoD could comparatively purchase, ‘13 F-35's, 14 Super Hornet F-18’s, 2 B-21 long-range strike bombers, 8 KC-46's, all A-10 wing replacements or increased end strength of our troops.’

“Journalist Susan Wright adds, ‘Our national security is too important to use our military as a lab of social justice experimentation. Transgenders got the green light to openly indulge in their alternate lifestyle on the government dime, thanks to the Obama administration’s push to destabilize American might.’

Is it far-fetched to wonder how many gender confused individuals would consider joining the military just to get the free surgery?

What’s most outlandish is that our government claims it doesn’t have the money to care for our veterans who have been injured in combat, but there's money for this.

As for the transgenders, with all of the pre-treatments, and then surgeries and post-op treatments, these “soldiers” will never be combat ready. They will use up their entire enlistment time just recuperating from their own mutilations. On top of that, they will need constant hormonal treatments because their natural bodies are opposite of what they've turned them into, further decreasing the likelihood of them ever being combat ready or deployable. The combat-ready responsibility will continue to lie on the shoulders of non-gender confused soldiers while “gender-transition patients” lie in the infirmary “getting well”. What also seems to be overlooked here are the studies that show those who undergo “gender transition” surgery (a concept that actually is impossible to achieve, by the way) are at high risk for suicide and other mental issues. This is hardly going to help in achieving combat readiness.

But the real outrage over this is that it has nothing to do with gender identity. It's about transforming our way of life, family, values, morality and marriage. Through radical LGBT railroading, we’re turning our laws upside down to overthrow traditional values. When that’s accomplished, one step at a time, we will have completely destroyed the common good, individual rights, the God-given dignity of the human body, and common sense.

I thought Republicans might be our last hope in going down the path toward destruction, but sadly, at least 20 have proven that’s not to be the case. 


  1. Hi, Julie, hope you’re doing well! I was on vacation and returned to a backlog of unread blogs. It’s nice to see a steady dose of important and relevant posts.

    The LGBT movement, with all of its disastrous influence, is such a sad and tragic narrative, much like the previous “sexual revolution” campaign or the push to legalize the murder of unborn children. And it’s especially tragic when we consider how much God-given light our nation has received in comparison to many others. I’ve always loved the writings of many of our Founders because they had a strong sense of God’s holiness and the need for our society to embrace the Judeo-Christian ethic. But today it’s disheartening to see professing Christians who are indifferent to the immorality that’s being promoted all around us. It’s bad enough having to deal with RINOs who we thought were going to stand for truth (they should simply be honest and change their party affiliation to “Democrat”), but it’s even worse when churches decide to abandon their God-given duty to be salt and light and to tolerate the very sins they’re supposed to rebuke. Legalized abortion, same-sex “marriage”, trans-identity claims, etc. would be non-existent if “we the people” still had that same sense of God’s holiness.

    Keep up the great blogs, Julie!

    1. Hi Paul - so nice to hear from you! I hope your summer is going well so far!

      Thanks for writing. I couldn't agree more. It always amazes me when I hear people actually deny the Founding Fathers' reliance on God as their compass in how our country should be formed, and in how best to ensure and preserve liberty. All the deniers have to do is read their writings and letters. But I suspect even that would not be enough for them to admit the truth. And with too many of today's religious leaders so afraid of offending their flock that they would just rather make everyone "feel ok" about their sinful choices, well, that leaves us in a sinful world with no moral compass. One area of hope I see is in the pro-life movement that is significantly participated in by young people, and also, priests coming out of the seminary today who have had real-world experience in the secular world, such as careers, etc., and then decide to go into the priesthood. Their calling seems so real, and from what I can see, they are indeed on fire for God's truth and want to share it. That's the courage and leadership we need, and maybe, just maybe, they will be instrumental in restoring that sense of God's holiness that our world so desperately needs.

      Thanks again for your post, Paul, and I hope you have a great day!