Saturday, March 31, 2012

After 1,000 days, Senate Democrats still refuse to pass a budget

Washington spending is out of control. For the fourth year in a row, we have a budget deficit of more than one trillion dollars and a national debt that skyrocketed from $10 trillion in 2008 to well over $15 trillion today, and is growing by the second - literally. Yet, despite being presented with multiple budget resolutions by the House, Senate Democrats have refused to pass a budget in over 1,000 days. The House took the responsible approach to pass another budget recently - but not one Democrat voted for it.  The left does not want financial health for America.

Every American - including every infant born - owes over $40,000 each in national debt. This money is owed to China and every other country that holds a portion of our national debt. That's money that belongs to these countries - money that won't be available for American citizens to use for finding jobs, good housing, education and a general quality of life.

When the House passed a balanced budget amendment 15 years ago, it did so with bipartisan support - but it failed in the Senate by one vote. Since then, our national debt has jumped from $4.9 trillion to over $15 trillion. Not surprisingly, President Obama is opposed to a balanced budget amendment, despite that America simply cannot sustain this kind of spending.

In an interview last week, senior Obama advisor David Axelrod was unable to explain why Senate Democrats refuse to produce a budget resolution for going on 1, 070 days. He initially tried to blame it on the “dynamics in the Senate”, but budgets only require a simple majority to pass, so what's the real reason?

As Axelrod stumbled his way through that question, ironically it is the question that reporters should be hammering Obama with at every turn. Of course Obama has no honest answer as to why the Democrats refuse to pass a budget. Then again, honesty would require exposing just how bad our fiscal situation really is.

The President and Senate Democrats don't really want financial health for America's well being. They'd rather play politics while they continue to spend borrowed money, and further empower themselves over the people by forcing more into government dependency.

That is not the American way. It is Obama's way.

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