Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New poll shows Michigan supports Right to Work legislation

A new Mitchell Research & Communications Inc. poll shows there is much higher support for Right to Work legislation in Michigan than the Big Labor unions would have you believe. According to the poll, a total of 57% of Michigan residents express support for Right to Work. 

Under current Michigan law, a majority of people employed at a business that has a collective bargaining agreement with a labor union must join that union and pay dues as a condition of employment. It doesn't matter if the employee is opposed to the union, the initiatives their dues pay for, or the candidates or other issues the unions endorse. Right to Work simply gives employees their rightful choice whether or not to join a union without threat to their job. 

Given that Michigan is a labor union stronghold, the fact that about six in ten voters support Right to Work is a big deal. Labor unions are of course threatened by Right to Work because it represents a loss of revenue, and ultimately power. But maybe it's time labor unions start embracing the concept of freedom that Right to Work would offer. But I wouldn't hold my breath that they will. 

Right now Big Labor is collecting petition signatures to get an initiative on this November's ballot that would prohibit Right to Work from ever being implemented in Michigan, effectively placing a  permanent ban on worker freedoms in our state.

Since 1970 the population in right to work states has gone up four times faster than states with a heavy labor union presence. If we really want to turn Michigan around, retain our educated people, and attract the companies that will provide jobs, then Michigan voters must reject this ballot initiative, and instead put their efforts into getting Right to Work passed in Michigan.

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