Sunday, May 13, 2012

Focus on "fake issues" a sign of administration's failure

President Obama's determination to grab onto any topic that will detract attention from his own miserable record in the White House is a sign of desperation. Rather than talk about the real issues like unemployment, unsustainable spending, crushing debt, national security - he wants us to focus on non-issues. From the Arab Spring, Sandra Fluke and the non-existent Republican war on women, to gay marriage and blaming George Bush, it's clear Obama has zero idea of how to fix the nation's real problems - so he must invent fake ones to make it look like he's doing at least something.

The liberal mainstream media (MSM) is more than happy to oblige a President who wants to pit Americans against one another through divisive tactics like class warfare, "occupy" protests, and envy of the successful. They don't call Obama out when he flip-flops on an issue, even one as huge as his recent reversal on gay marriage. They don't castigate him for his blatant lies, such as when he said he would never rest until unemployment falls drastically - when instead he has played countless rounds of golf in his first couple of years and jet-setted his family all over the world for lavish vacations on the taxpayer dime - while millions go without jobs. The MSM won't report Obama's recent confession that he "sometimes forgets the magnitude of the recession." Nor will they point out the hypocrisy of a President who wants us to despise the "1%", but who will gladly take their money, such as he did at the nauseating praise-fest lavished on him by George Clooney and his starry-eyed leftist Hollywood followers.

What the MSM is busy reporting on instead of these things is an alleged incident that took place almost 50 years ago when Mitt Romney was in high school. The media are determined to portray Romney as a bully, even one who may have targeted his prey because he might have been homosexual. Even the alleged victim's family is outraged by the media's actions as they say the man in question, who died a few years ago, would have been completely opposed to this type of reporting.

People are seriously suffering right here in America as countless people have simply given up looking for work and hunger is increasing rapidly right in our own neighborhoods, but the media have to go back almost half a century to find one small detail in hopes of derailing a presidential candidate. That is beyond the pale.

Perhaps this wouldn't be so disgusting if the media would at least be honest and do a similar expose on Obama for his own confession - in his own words from his book, "Dreams from My Father," where he talks about intentionally shoving a girl out of malice. Can you imagine if Mitt Romney had confessed to that? Can you imagine if Romney confessed to "drinking beer heavily, taking drugs enthusiastically" and "smoking reefer" with different peers? You'd never hear the end of it. But listen to the audio version of Obama's book - he confesses to those things with his own voice. You don't hear a thing about this from the media.

If President Obama had one accomplishment since occupying the White House, he'd be focusing on it. But for an overall administration failure of this magnitude, his only hope is to fan flames of fires he himself is creating as a way of distracting the nation from the truth. Let's hope the voters will see through it when they go to the polls in November. Enough is enough.

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