Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We need more taxpayers, not more taxes

Millions of Americans continue to go without jobs. The real number is hard to pinpoint, since the official unemployment rate only counts those seeking work/collecting benefits - not those who have given up trying. As of April 2012, the official unemployment rate stood at 8.1%, comprising 12.5 million unemployed people (keeping in mind this number doesn't count those who have stopped looking for work, which means the number likely skews higher).

President Obama sees the solution to the problem as higher taxes and more spending. Our taxes are set to soar on January 1, 2013, ObamaCare is set to cost trillions, and the president is calling for further increases in our debt limit. There has even been more talk about another "stimulus" package.

We don't need more taxes or more spending. We need an economic climate that encourages jobs, not stifles them. For every new worker added to the tax roll, that is one more worker adding to revenues, paying into - and maybe even helping to replenish - Social Security, and spending money in the economy.

What is President Obama's platform for creating these jobs? He doesn't have one. Spending and taxing is the death knell for job creation, so what other ideas does he have (besides subsidizing bankrupt "green" companies like Solyndra with billions of tax dollars).

We need real solutions to fix the problem. President Obama has offered none. Instead his only tactic is to divert attention from his economic policy failures to irrelevant and inflammatory issues like the "war on women" and gay marriage. It's time to stop giving him a pass, and demand action that makes a real difference.

We need ideas and leadership that help, not hurt, the American economy and its citizens. So far, our current president has provided neither.

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