Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Obama's actions in Benghazi, Libya, make him unfit for office. Period.

As more information comes to light on the terrorist attack on our U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, it becomes increasingly clear that President Obama has demonstrated an abysmal failure of duty. For the record, this conclusion has nothing to do with him being a Democrat. If a Republican did what he did in Libya - or rather, what he didn't do - that person would be unfit for office as well. Unfortunately, because it's a Democrat who is responsible, the mainstream media is covering for Obama - and that is simply unacceptable.

Hours after the Sept. 11, 2012 attack, in which four Americans were killed -- US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three embassy personnel, including two former Navy SEALs working as security contractors -- Barack Obama and senior members of the White House tried to blame the attack on a random protest over a ridiculous, amateur YouTube video that poked fun at Islam and the prophet Mohammed. Two weeks after the Benghazi incident, administration officials continued to blame the Libya attack on the internet video despite messages from intelligence officials that the incident was planned by a radical Islamist terrorist group with ties to Al Qaeda. 

But intelligence briefings that included warnings of an impending attack on Sept. 11 were repeatedly skipped by President Obama. At the same time, the UK and the Red Cross both pulled out of Libya because of the warnings they, too, had received of imminent danger. But the U.S. left Ambassador Stevens there like a sitting duck.

On the day of the attack, two Navy SEALs who were part of a team at the CIA annex near the consulate heard shots being fired. When they realized our embassy was under attack they made a request for military backup - the request was denied. Ultimately they made three urgent requests for military backup during the attack, all of which were denied. They were also denied permission to help the Ambassador's team at the consulate, being told to wait. Being the real heroes they are, the Navy SEALs, including Tyrone Woods, ignored those orders and went anyway to the consulate to try to help, and were eventually killed in trying to do so. You can't help but wonder - what was going, and what did these heroes hear and witness that was so incredibly bad that they risked their military careers and their lives to ignore orders in favor of helping those in distress.

Reports also indicate at least one military surveillance drone was in the vicinity during the attack sending real-time visuals back to the Situation Room in D.C. - meaning officials from our State Department, our Pentagon, our President - all of whom had first-hand access to this information, and all of whom could have and should have ordered security and back up and any other measure necessary to stop the situation and protect Americans - did nothing. There were even significant military resources available to counterattack that could have been there within two hours (the attack lasted six to seven hours), but all requests for help were denied. 

In fact, as reports were coming in of the attack on Sept. 11, President Obama went to bed without ordering protection for these Americans being attacked on U.S. soil. The next day when he learned our Americans had been murdered - including Ambassador Stevens who was also brutally sodomized before being slaughtered - President Obama caught a flight to Vegas for a campaign fundraiser party in his own honor, complete with music and dancing. Reports say good times were had by all who attended, and that this party was followed by business as usual for the president, including another fundraiser in New York City sponsored by Jay-Z and Beyonce – and an appearance on the David Letterman show. Meanwhile four American citizens lay dead from terrorist attacks because they were not provided help by our own government.

When asked why nothing was done, why no back-up was sent, and why orders were made to wait, rather than defend our American citizens, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said, "the basic principle is that you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on, without having some real-time information about what's taking place."  

The release of State Department e-mails shows that the Obama administration knew, while the attack on the American consulate was still underway, that it was a coordinated, armed terrorist attack. They were getting reports from those inside the consulate who were under attack, as well as surveillance pictures from the American drone overhead. If real-time video of the attack and communications with Americans on the ground begging for help doesn't constitute "real-time information," what does? And why, leading up to the Sept. 11 anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history, why in the world was our Libyan consulate not fortified with an intense build-up of security? There is no backing out of the accountability that President Obama and his team has failed to demonstrate.

Yet, when Tyrone Wood's casket arrived home, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton approached Tyrone's father standing next to his son's coffin and promised him that, "We will not rest until we get the man responsible for the [YouTube] video." Forget about the men who actually killed Woods' son - the terrorists who admitted blame - our government expended its resources on hunting down and jailing an irrelevant, amateur video maker.

This grievous lack of action on Obama's part illuminates his overall ideology, his one-government worldview where America is not a leader of nations, but just a bit player on the sidelines -- and apparently American casualties are of little consequence with such a morally relativistic mindset. This story needs to be understood because it has everything to do with the character of the man in the White House. There was negligence before the attack, there was negligence during the attack, and there was a cover up after the attack. If that doesn't outrage you simply because you are an Obama supporter no matter what, ask yourself...would it matter to you if this were Bush who had acted so atrociously and the media were suddenly on board telling you how bad this really is? Would you then be calling for Bush's resignation as we should all be doing with Obama? Or will you look the other way and cast your vote once again for Obama simply because he is a Democrat?

Those at the White House knew what was going on as it was happening - but they knew that American voters did not, so it became crucial to try to suppress these facts until after the election. The bottom line is that Obama and his minions denied protection of our own citizens and then tried to blame the attack on something completely false. But the election of Barack Obama is so important, apparently, that Obama, his cabinet, and the sycophants in the mainstream media are simply okay with covering up our president's callous inhumanity in favor of saving him votes. 

As Obama tours the devastated areas of Hurricane Sandy, he very gallantly tells the television cameras days before the election that we will break through all the red tape, and all the bureaucracy, and do whatever it takes to help these victims because, as he put it, "We will never leave any American behind." That is, unless they are Americans pleading for help during a terrorist attack on U.S. soil overseas. In fact, if you'll recall, he referred to this disaster as nothing but "a bump in the road."

Obama's election posturing coupled with his real-time dereliction of duty to our Americans in harm's way in Libya is utterly disgusting, if not treasonous. That anyone could still make flimsy excuses for this man is astounding. for the Libya event alone, Obama is simply unfit to be our Commander in Chief and deserves no American's support. 

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  1. Another great blog, Julie. How do we get this published and/or spread into the mainstream media? So sad how the American public has been relegated to "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

    Is there anyway to get any type of rallies going for Romney in our area? The Macomb County Republican Headquarters on Hall Road is very poorly run. We don't hear of any campaigning going on in Michigan until the event is over.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous...sorry for the delayed response on this. I have the same question as you about rallies. I haven't heard of anything organized. There should have been, though. I do see more Romney bumper stickers and yard signs than the opponent's around here...hopefully that signifies something positive. Here's hoping and praying for tomorrow...United We Stand.

  2. Julie,
    I was compelled to comment on your post in regards to this horrific event but it has proved more difficult than I had anticipated. You’re message is so powerful and as Americans we should all be sickened on so many levels by what has occurred. As you stated this truly transcends political parties. Freedom of the press entails a responsibility to seek the truth and should not be taken lightly yet a majority of our media has failed those of us who hold dear our life and liberty. Lies, deceit, hypocrisy, and disregard for human life are just a few of the words that come to mind in regards to these murders. But they woefully fall short in describing how this morally bankrupt behavior is eroding our country. As for President Obama I think the words of Tyrone Woods’ father said it best: ‘Better to die the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward’. I look forward to Tuesday, Nov 6th to say the least.

    1. Thank you, Ed B. You put it so very well! Mr. Woods' words are haunting and so very profound. I don't know how anyone from this administration involved in the Libya incident can sleep at night. As for the mainstream media, truth be told, I don't see much difference between it and Cuba's. I do believe it can change though with perseverance by those who demand the truth and demand certain standards be met. Am praying for our country tomorrow. Whatever happens, we'll still be in God's hands always. Thanks for all your support.