Monday, November 5, 2012

Romney's "Vote for love of country" or Obama's "Vote for revenge"...which do you choose?

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney tells us there is much to be optimistic about should he win the presidential election. Right now businesses across America are afraid to hire, afraid to invest, and afraid to expand because of the draconian regulations and reckless policies of the Obama administration. Over the past several months so many business owners of small and large companies, and every size in between, have said they're petrified of Obama's strangling regulations, his unsustainable spending and deficits, his wealth redistribution rhetoric, his ridicule of success, his claims that one can only be successful with the government's help, his refusal to extend the Bush tax rates (brace yourselves, by the way, for the massive tax increases set to go into effect January 1, 2013 - and that will stay in effect should Obama be re-elected), ObamaCare and its excessive costs, energy restriction, the list goes on. 

Romney knows the policies of Obama have failed. America, however, has not failed. With a Romney win, I predict that virtually overnight we would see the proverbial floodgates open toward investment, hiring, innovation and growth. I believe we would see our economy flourish under the renewed confidence businesses would feel to pursue their goals free of Obama's oppressive policies. Romney knows Americans have the spirit, the drive, the ambition to create, invest, grow, succeed...if only the government would allow them to. Obama stands in the way of this entrepreneurial spirit. Romney knows the wisdom of getting out of the way. 

As if we need more proof of Obama's negative attitude toward American values and the free market ideals that have made our country flourish throughout its history, in his Illinois appearance over this past weekend, Barack Obama told people to vote because, "voting is the best revenge." (click here to watch).  Revenge against what, Mr. President? The American people who want their freedoms back and who believe that hard work is the key to success, not government programs? The American people who want work opportunities, not stifling regulations and taxation? The American people who want their freedom of religion and conscience, and who are no longer fooled by your glossy veneer from 2008? Revenge against what, exactly? And why are you seeking revenge in the first place? Obama doesn't make that clear to us. All that is clear is that Barack Obama is angry at us for some deep, yet not quite articulated reason. What is clear is that he has a dismal record, one he cannot stand on, and so perhaps, therefore, he must resort to angry rhetoric about revenge.

In response, Mitt Romney said we shouldn't vote for revenge, we should vote for love of country (click here to watch). Romney believes in America's greatness and in the people who make the country what it is. He applauds those who have achieved success, and encourages those who are not quite there yet. He recognizes the need to help those in trouble, without creating a dependency that will keep them trapped in government handouts. Romney doesn't paint anyone as pilferer, nor as victim, but as individual people with individual circumstances, with the same God-given dignity and right of equal opportunity. He sees the individual as we wish Obama could have seen us: as American citizens who trust in our Constitutional guarantee of limited government and the right to pursue our own paths toward life liberty and happiness as we see fit - not as the Obama government sees fit to construct for us.

This is our opportunity to make the choice of a lifetime: Leadership that stifles opportunity and freedoms, ridicules us, and solicits us to exact revenge against some unnamed offense, or leadership that believes in America and her freedoms, and that sees the individual as an integral part of what makes America so great. It seems the choice is clear. 

May God bless America.

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  1. Julie, I think this is a masterful expression of the underlying motivations at work in this election. You present your arguments with clarity and respect. You support your arguments with details, too. The mainstream media often misses these motivations and driving factors in their election analysis. They tend to view things solely as a raw power political horse race or as the result of the machinations of political operatives. A positive vision, respect for religious liberty, and love of country still matter a great deal in many parts of America. The national nightmare is about to end. When it does, please continue to write with exuberance, fairness, and insight. In this, and in all things, we move forward with faith, hope, and charity. Your voice is heard, Julie. Thanks for sharing it with us.