Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America takes a bullet, but the battle is far from over

Last night traditional American values lost out to a different set of values. An individualist, can-do attitude was usurped by those who believe we cannot do anything without government intervention. The idea of success as a motivator for hard work was overshadowed by the misguided belief that government is responsible for distributing our earnings as it sees fit. Belief in the sanctity of life and marriage were overthrown for a president who believes newborn babies should be left to die, that abortion is nothing more than a healthcare choice, that homosexual unions trump Biblical teachings, and that religious citizens should be forced to pay for actions they find morally reprehensible. This is the America last night's Obama voters chose. 

Does this mean that conservative values are dead? Absolutely not. Does this mean that traditional America is gone forever? By no means. But what happened that caused people to re-elect a president who is so radically far to the left of our traditional values?

There are many factors, but I believe it has a lot to do with a cultural shift from God and morality to moral relativism, the belief that facts don't matter, but only how we feel about things is what counts. For moral relativism to exist, God must be removed, because to the relativist, the self is the supreme judge. In a morally relativistic mindset, freedom is defined as being able to do things without consequences, and right and wrong are personal interpretations, not objective standards of truth. That is why the violation of freedom inherent in the HHS mandate is meaningless to so many because to the relativist, freedom and truth exist only in the mind, not in any objective, external way.

The Democrats have pounced upon this forfeiting of objective truths in favor of personal emotion by using false issues to inflame emotions, like the "war on women", while ignoring the facts, like record debt and poverty levels, skyrocketing prices, a dangerously weak approach to foreign policy, and government takeover of healthcare. In conjunction with this, and even worse, is the fact that the media have been genius at presenting good as evil, and evil as good. Truth has become synonymous with intolerance, and intolerance synonymous with hate.

We see this in the media's depiction of Republicans. It doesn't matter what the Republican view is, it is mocked and derided as hateful. It doesn't matter how someone achieved success, they are seen as evil. Those who support economic freedom in the form of capitalism are scorned, and those who want to keep their taxes low so they can spend their money as they see fit are seen as greedy. It doesn't matter that, had Romney won, he would have never taken away women's right to contraception, but gullible women were told this and bought it hook, line and sinker. The public has also bought the lie that those who believe in the Biblical definition of marriage are intolerant bigots, and those who oppose the dismemberment of unborn children are extremists.

Critical thinking of the issues has all but evaporated in this media-driven world. The media tell the public something is bad, and the public believes it without questioning it. The media tell the public something is no big deal - like Obama's horrendous failure in Libya, or his dismal record on the economy - and the public conveniently dismisses these actions. But if it were Bush who played basketball on election day like Obama did yesterday, while Hurricane Sandy victims stood in line for food and gasoline, the media would tell the public that is bad, and the public would scream bloody murder. Hypocrisy in the media is nothing new, but it has consequences, the kind that culminated in the re-election of the most dangerous, anti-American president in our nation's history.

There is much more to be said about this - about where our culture is heading and how it is that we got ourselves on this path. For now, suffice it to say, it has to do with removing God from the public square, relying more on politicians than on God, and allowing blatant lies to cloud the real definitions of good and evil.

The battle is on, and, in the end, good will triumph over evil, but only if we return to the objective truths and values that come from above - not the false perceptions manufactured by the media or politicians. 

May God continue to bless America, and may America, one day soon, turn back to God.
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  1. Women have a right to contraception?

    1. Yes they do...Griswold vs. Connecticut, the 1965 SC ruling.

  2. Julie, I want you to know that you are an excellent political analyst as I have commented before. Frankly, I think you should run for public office. It would be a very tough going on a young lady like you, but then on the other hand, being young and pretty also serves as a great advantage and catalyst in convincing people to appreciate a straightforward conservative and morally correct agenda.

    On another aspect of why I think the election on November 6th went as it went was the failure of the Catholic Church. Here, in the United States, it is starting to become irrelevant. For all the people who claim to be of the Catholic faith, one would think that they would come together as one voice and elect a person who represents correct moral values. But as I know from personal experience the people who have come in to control, such as in the Catholic schools of Detroit, unfortunately they are of the moral fiber that demonstrates their lack of conviction of the teachings of the Catholic Church. There are fewer and fewer people attending Mass, churches are being closed and parishes are being consolidated and new people are not coming into the religious life. Why is that?
    It does no good to go to Mass and listen to some droning on about who did what in the Old Testament or what latest book you read or movie you saw. If the priests in their homilies would reiterate the teachings of the Catholic catechism Mr. Obama would not have been re-elected. Right to Life has also lost its credibility as to their endorsements of candidates.

    I know that I was taught that because we have a free will God allowed for "Evil" to exist. And right now, it looks like a winner.

    Please continue your writing. And if you have plans to pursue a higher calling, keep us informed in your blog. I would gladly come on board to help you out.

    Speaking from experience.

    1. Oh, wow, thank you for your kind words. I truly am humbled by your depiction of me. I'm not sure if I would ever make a good politician, but I thank you for your confidence in me!

      As for your comments about the Catholic Church, all I can say is, "Amen!" As a devout Catholic myself, I attend Mass at many different parishes while traveling and even locally, and I have been stunned at the silence on moral/cultural issues, especially post-HHS mandate and heading into the election. Some priests have been excellent in speaking up about it but I have witnessed more silence than vocalization of the issues. If the Catholic Church wants to be the moral voice that our society so desperately needs, then she needs to re-evangelize herself and start leading the crusade for all of us. We are living in serious times to be sure and we need God and the Church now more than ever. I pray for our country's citizens all the time.

      Thank you again so much for your kind words and especially for your very thought-provoking comments. And yes, if I ever decide to run for office, I will let you know...thanks for your offer to help!

      Have a great day.

  3. Yes, America took a bullet and sadly it was self-inflicted. If America continues to follow the path it appears to be on then we will suffer even more as a nation. I take no joy in that to be sure. You are so right about the attack on Judeo-Christian values including the battle between good and evil. How refreshing that someone will unabashedly say it without fear of ridicule. Judeo-Christian values which played such a major part in the creation of our republic are now minimized and identified as extreme. People have found new gods to worship where they put their faith in politicians, liberalism, money, technology, media, and the like. This is not to say we should not as Christians be involved in the political process since as citizens we need to contribute to the betterment of society and most importantly to defend the right to life. But it is easy to get caught up in the political winds and things of this world (I know I am not immune to this) which causes us to forget that God indeed has a plan for us. All of us were born and are living in this specific time to seek God and fulfill his purpose for us. Julie, thank you for reminding me of that fact. As always I will say a prayer for you. God bless you.

    1. Thank you, Ed. Yes, our wounds are definitely self-inflicted, which makes it all the more sad. We definitely need to be even more involved as Christians in the public square in addition to endless prayer. Speaking of that, thank you so much for your prayers - that is so helpful and may God bless you as well.

  4. Sorry to be so blunt, but Obama’s voters are largely brain-dead, whether on the welfare rolls and driving a Rolls. No matter how bad the economy, how outrageous the scandals, how numerous the failures of domestic and foreign policy, their base is utterly unfazed. The only thing that matters to them is unfettered sex and lots of freebies, They aren’t interested in responsible behavior; they are content with a lifetime of dependency and only aspire to becoming rap stars or drug dealers. The only thing that scares them are hoaxes like believing the GOP won’t let them have contraceptives or abortions. The rich worry about the imaginary threat of global warming. The reality that America is flat broke and that its security is severely compromised doesn’t faze them a whit. Today’s Democrats use slander, lies, fear, division, scare tactics and distortion–and the media never call them extremist. They spend three times as much as we take in, run up debt to astronomical levels, cut our military down to the size of a small country–and the media is mute. They destroy the present and eliminate an aspirational future for minorities, and the latter praise and reelect them. They pander and nobody calls them on it. They refuse to budge on any issue and it’s the Republican House that is considered obstructionlist. The Senate doesn’t pass a budget and nobody cares. Obama fails in his primary duty as commander-in-chief and the media refuse to call him on it. Obama is still an empty suit with a well-oiled Chicago machine to keep the Democrats in office forever, with no regard to the economy, the well-being of its citizens and the security of our nation. Two different sets of standards for each–or actually no standards whatsoever for the Democrats.

  5. Celebrate now Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Welfare Recipients and who ever else thinks this presidential victory by Obama is going to be "wonderful" for America.

    It is beyond my comprehension that a country which was once a proud, industrious, self supporting nation has sunk to such depths. YOU
    re-elect a man who is so morally and personally corrupt; a man who has sold out the United States of America; let Americans die for no reason except political gain; increased the national debt from under which your children, your grandchildren and other future generations will never recover and you want four more years of the same? Unbelievable! Higher taxes are coming people, loss of your rights under the Constitution of the United States, more invasion of our country by the United Nations, less Christian rights and values and for what? Political correctness? Anyone who can't see the handwriting on the wall is either too stupid or unintelligent to know what you have done.

    I feel sorry for this country as nothing beneficial will come of this election. We still have the same policies, a narcistic president, a democrat senate, a republican house AND NOTHING WILL GET DONE EXCEPT TO PUSH THE "ONCE GREAT NATION" INTO A THIRD WORLD STATUS"! YOU WANTED IT - YOU GOT IT - NOW LIVE WITH IT!
    Signed: A Very, Very Sad AMERICAN.

  6. I would like to put my two cents worth in again. I think the comments in response to Julie's blog are excellent. I'm seeing that there is "intelligent life" out there. I just pray that the United States does not go the way of the once great empire of Rome.

    Once again "kudos" to Julie and to the intelligent comments she has garnered.