Friday, June 7, 2013

Media more concerned with baby seals than baby humans

After frantic calls last Saturday about a distressed harbor seal pup that was struggling against the surf with its umbilical cord still attached, the three-day-old pup was rescued off Long Island in NY and taken to a marine mammal hospital where it has been cared for and even given a name.

The story is getting a lot of attention because of the emotions evoked by this poor, struggling, abandoned baby seal. Major news outlets have covered the story, including ABC, NBC and the like. After all, it's a huge story: a baby seal was struggling for life.

It's a shame news outlets don't see fit to give the same attention to the human babies struggling for life at the hands of abortionists across America, like Kermit Gosnell, who witnesses testified left a baby "flailing about in a toilet trying to get out" after surviving the abortion attempt Gosnell made on his life.

But then again, in our current culture, human babies aren't on the same level as baby harbor seals. Unlike humans who survive the womb in an abortion attempt and are subject to whatever the nearest adult deems fit, harbor seals are protected under federal law, and it is unlawful to approach, feed or handle them in any way that may harm them. Similar federal protections are extended to things like turtle eggs.

Human lives, however, apparently aren't so worthy. Those helpless, defenseless human babies in the womb are on their own. And you can be certain the media won't cover the story of any child who loses his life during abortion or at the hands of a doctor after surviving the attempted abortion. I guess you'd have to be a seal to warrant that kind of media concern and attention.

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  1. Animals should be protected, of course, but our country is in serious trouble when it kills its own children without blinking an eye but would do anything to protect non-human animals but not helpless babies. We need prayer now more than ever.

  2. It has been said that the most dangerous place in America for a child is in a mother’s womb and after following stories that never make it to the nightly news programs it is hard to think otherwise. Yes we will typically never see these stories like that of Kermit Gosnell given the attention they deserve. The news is saturated with coverage of multiple animal cruelty stories and there certainly is no shortage of TV spots requesting donations for mistreated animals. I often wonder while the sad background music plays during these TV commercials whether the famous Hollywood spokesperson pleading for money feels the same way about the aborted children here in America. A bit unfair perhaps, but I ask the question just the same. And sadly I find many of these same animal advocates are vehement supporters of the abortion industry through their kinship with Planned Parenthood and the like. I ask how they can on one hand show compassion for an animal and on the other hand total disregard for an innocent baby?

    I still manage to stay informed regarding the important pro-life issues despite the media, and it can be difficult when you read the horrific details of what is done to these innocent babies. I recently saw the story of Douglas Karpen. I won’t call him a doctor since he bears no kinship with what the Hippocratic Oath represents. Words cannot fully describe the disgust I felt when I read for the first time that this monster reportedly twisted the heads off of babies! After following these stories of horrors I can only come to one conclusion. Abortion is such an evil and abomination that no other explanation suffices but to say that this is demonic in nature. Thank you, Julie for getting the truth out there and God Bless.

    1. Hi Ed - How are you? I've been travelling so have not been able to get to my blog until today - just saw your magnificent post. I've often wondered about the animal rights people. They would chain themselves to a bridge to protect a turtle egg, but look the other way when a woman enters an abortion clinic (I bet you though that these same people would be the first ones to heap loads of judgment on a pregnant woman seen smoking a cigarette - even though they wouldn't care if that same woman aborted the baby inside her - but I digress).

      Until people see the Gosnells and Karpens of the world - and abortion itself - as the godless evil it is, our world is in serious trouble. Still, it comforts me so much to know there are people like you to help light a candle or two to make the world a little lighter. Thanks, Ed and I wish you a great day. God bless!

    2. Hi Julie,

      I am doing fine. Thank you for the kind words; although, I still consider myself a work in progress as far as getting more involved in the Pro-Life cause. I am moving in the right direction but there always seems to be more opportunities to make a difference. I am so glad to hear from you and have to say I was concerned about not seeing any recent postings from you. I always enjoy your opinions & insights, but more importantly I am glad that you are OK. Welcome back from your travels and God bless you as well.