Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boy Scouts forfeit rights to appease radical homosexuals

The Boy Scouts of America  (BSA) caved to pressure last week and voted to allow openly gay youths to join the organization. People from all over are celebrating the decision, including some Christians. What the celebrants don't realize though is that the loser in this is America (and ultimately her citizens), because another nail in our country's coffin has just been pounded in.

People are calling this a victory because the BSA's decision purportedly reflects the inclusion and diversity that our country is supposed to represent. Our country does reflect those values, arguably more so than any country on earth. But our country is also supposed to represent freedom. The freedom of association. The freedom of assembly. The freedom of religion.

Pressuring private groups to associate with those who don't reflect their own values - in this case those who practice the sin of homosexuality - is not American. In fact, it is actually denying the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. The BSA - and any private group - has the right to define its membership standards. But somewhere along the line the BSA decided that homosexuals' demands are more important than a private group's freedom to assemble as it sees fit.

Not surprisingly, homosexual activists said the BSA decision is a start, but that it doesn't go far enough. They want the BSA to allow openly gay Boy Scout leaders, too. And of course, the BSA will have to, because how will it justify allowing a youth to join despite his homosexuality, and then deny that same person the right to become a leader because of his homosexuality? The BSA has backed itself into a corner and is now forced to lie in the bed it has made.

Those applauding the BSA decision because "inclusivity is the Christian thing to do" -- as some are saying -- are missing the point. Christians are absolutely called to love the sinner, but reject the sin. The Bible tells Christians homosexuality is a sin. As believers, the Christian thing to do is to lead people away from sin, not encourage a sinful lifestyle in the politically correct, misleading name of inclusion. And forcing people to deny their beliefs in the name of inclusivity is not a loving, Christian thing to do in itself.

The BSA oath pledges fidelity to God, an oath steeped in principles with which many Christians can identify, which may be why so many Christians have historically been drawn to the Boy Scouts of America. That homosexuality is seen as a sin by many Christians, and that the BSA up until now denied membership to those who openly embrace homosexuality, could be seen as based on religious-based principles. That radical homosexuals would force themselves on the BSA in the name of fairness and inclusivity effectively labels religion, by extension, as non-inclusive and non-fair.

Think of the precedent set here by that. The BSA has agreed that certain Christian-based ethics must take a back seat to the sinful lifestyle of homosexuality, as if Christianity itself is in the wrong. How long before every institution will be pressured to forfeit its beliefs to the activists? In fact, how long before they are forced to by law?

Why the sexuality of children should even be brought into play in the first place, by the way, is beyond me. It's just another sign of how far our culture has fallen. The BSA will probably lose membership and financial support because of its decision to play into the hands of this fallen culture, and it deserves to. Had it stood up to the homosexuals it may have lost funding from some corporate and private sponsors, but I firmly believe it would have made up the difference from a resurgent base of support from those who would have appreciated the BSA standing its ground.

Instead one more American institution has fallen by the wayside because, blinded by the glaring light of political correctness, it lost sight of its rights as a private group to assemble freely. As for the homosexuals who are clamoring for tolerance, it would be nice if they practiced some tolerance of their own and allow private citizens to live and let live. After all, nobody is preventing homosexuals from forming their own groups that exclude heterosexuals if they so desire. And to those who will undoubtedly say this issue is about hating homosexuals, I simply say, try again. Wanting to uphold biblical principles and beliefs is not hateful. Accusing someone falsely of hate for the sake of advancing an agenda is what seems hateful.

This issue is not about hate, but about love for and a desire to preserve freedoms for everyone, keeping in mind that forced inclusion is not freedom. We are facing a steadfast encroachment on our freedoms here in America, and unless we protect the freedom of all, then freedom will be lost for all. That is too high a price to pay for the sake of appeasement in the name of political correctness.

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  1. Scouting and the BSA are not, and never have been, an exclusively Christian organization.
    I am a volunteer with 30 years of service, I am straight and I support this change. It's not a bunch of activists from the outside - 2/3rds of our voting members, all volunteers with long records of service, voted to make this change.
    Characterizing this as some capitulation to outside pressure based on a financial calculation is simply inaccurate.

    1. I took the official Scout oath years ago myself: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

      On October 10, 1985, the national Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America passed a resolution reaffirming the Scout Oath and the Scout Law as important precepts of Scouting. The resolution is consistent with the original principles of the BSA when it was founded in 1910. The Religious Relationships Committee, whose members represent all the major religions that are affiliated with the BSA, endorsed the resolution. The BSA passed this resolution to reaffirm its commitment of Duty to God, Who Christians and other religions believe authored the Bible, which states repeatedly that homosexuality is a sin.

      Regardless of whether members within the BSA wanted to change its membership requirements to allow homosexual youths for whatever reasons, the fact is that radical homosexual activists made the issue public and have been continuously threatening the BSA with its own demands. That is the issue here. The BSA was losing corporate sponsorship because of homosexual activists publicizing it, and it seems pretty clear that that is the pressure the BSA was responding to, not internal pressure.

    2. I just read this article and Julie clearly never says that the BSA bowed because of a financial calculation. She said they may have lost corporate funding if they kept the ban in place, but she never said that was their motive for lifting the ban. Also my husband is a volunteer with the Scouts and he said a lot of voting members were feeling intense pressure from the gay community and that is why many of them felt the need to vote to lift the ban. I'm sure everyone has their own reasonsfor how they voted but to say that none of them voted because of outside pressure is a gross exaggeration!

  2. Sorry Clark Green but Scouts were founded in the context of a Judeo-Christian moral structure. To this day, its official magazine, Boys Life, features a Bible story in every issue. The source of the values the Scouts have sought to instill has never been in question. Sorry but you can’t deny that the Boy Scouts are based in these Judeo-Christian principles. The radicals are throwing a temper tantrum because people hold beliefs that they don’t and the Scouts caved. Those who are unhappy with the Boy Scout policy are free to form their own new youth development organization – call it the "Diversity Scouts." What they shouldnt' do is demand that millions of young people and adult volunteers be forced to abandon the principles for which the Boy Scouts have always stood.

  3. The extremist activists are exercising intolerance in the name of tolerance and forced uniformity in the name of diversity. Still you never see them protesting groups like the NAACP for refusing to give scholarships to white people. How come it's ok for the NAACP to do what it wants and not others?

  4. The BSA's National Board is a bunch of wealthy corporate-types completely out of touch with grassroots Scouting values - they're the ones who helped promote and implement a national policy to invite open homosexuals into Scout troops. In doing so, they intentionally opened the door for a much broader "gay agenda." Just wait and see. Anyone who thinks it's going to stop where it's at now is mistaken.

  5. The goal is not to make the BSA more inclusive, but to destroy the BSA.