Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scandals and denial keep growing on Obama's watch

From the moment then-presidential candidate Barack Obama confessed he felt the Constitution was "out of date", he's proven time and again that the rule of law just doesn't seem to matter. And looking at the growing list of scandals since he's been in office, it seems he has no intention of changing.

From the Fast and Furious supply of U.S. guns to Mexican drug lords which were then used to kill Americans, unconstitutional changes to the Welfare Reform Act, denying citizens' right to practice their religious beliefs and beyond, the list appears to have no end.

For one, we have the cover-up in the deadly attacks on U.S. citizens at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Not only were requests for more security leading up to the attacks denied, but desperate calls for help during the attacks were turned down by our own government. Still, Obama's administration clung to the pathetic excuse that the attacks were prompted by a stupid YouTube video that purportedly mocked Islam. The creator of that film sits in jail as we speak, while Hilary Clinton is telling us to get over the murders in Benghazi. After all, it was several months ago, she points out.

What she easily sweeps under the rug is the demotion of the military leader who tried to expose the Obama administration's refusal to send aid. Other whistle blowers have received similar scorn by Obama and his ilk. The family members of those murdered, as well as U.S. citizens everywhere, deserve to know why we allowed our own service members and an ambassador to sit in deadly peril while Obama caught a flight to Vegas for a party in his own honor.

Now this week we find that the IRS has been intentionally targeting private citizens because of their political affiliations since at least 2011. It has admitted that it searched applications for tax exemption for words like “Tea Party”, "Constitution" and even “patriot.” Once it found those groups, it made intrusive and unconstitutional inquiries, like requesting their reading lists, donor information, and Facebook posts, and demanded answers “upon penalty of perjury.” The IRS then shared the info they collected with non-government groups, including the George Soros-funded ProPublica. ProPublica then distributed the information to left-leaning (aka mainstream) media outlets who used the information to write stories about the "bigoted, racist, intolerant" right-leaning groups. By the way, in this time period since 2011, every single left-leaning group applying for tax exemption status received it. Over 500 "Tea Party" group applications for tax exemption were denied.

Obama is wagging his finger at the IRS agents guilty of this unconstitutional breach of law, yet seems uncommitted to doing anything about it. Where our president refuses to call for absolute punitive action and denies knowing anything about it, let's hope Congress makes up for it, because we should be very worried when we learn that the Internal Revenue Service, the most feared and powerful of all federal agencies, spies on and harasses conservative organizations with the obvious intention of shutting down their funding so that they can’t speak out against an ever-encroaching federal government. The IRS' actions are putting all our freedoms of association, assembly, expression and speech at stake, making us look increasingly more like a country under Stalin.

Also revealed this week is the unprecedented intrusion of privacy when the Justice Department was caught obtaining records listing outgoing calls for the work and personal phone numbers of Associated Press reporters and various AP offices. In all, the government seized the records for more than 20 separate telephone lines assigned to AP and its journalists in April and May of 2012. Even some Democrats are weighing in on the danger of a government that completely ignores the First Amendment as has been demonstrated by our own Justice Department. But Obama - and his professional lackey Jay Carney - are busy waving this one off as well.

Incredibly, despite these egregious actions under Obama's watch, I am still hearing Obama defenders wave off these serious infractions of law and instead, as always, blame George W. Bush as the author of all things wrong in this country. First of all, that one's getting old to the point of being laughable. But if Obama defenders actually believe Bush should be held accountable for his actions - whatever it is they feel it is Bush did so wrong - then shouldn't they hold Obama to the same standard as president? If it's unacceptable for one president to do something "wrong", then it should be unacceptable for any president to do something wrong. And Obama has clearly overseen so much wrongdoing in our country that it boggles the mind.

So why do liberals continue to give him a pass? One reason is because the media continue to give Obama a pass. The media may be reporting on these incidents, but not in any way I see that condemns Obama for overseeing these infractions. Can you imagine if it were IRS agents under Bush targeting progressive groups for scrutiny? Or if Bush had simply gone to bed upon finding out our consulate in Benghazi was under attack and then headed for Vegas the next day for some fun? The media would have crucified Bush and his detractors would have called for his impeachment over the very things they're giving Obama a pass on. But unless the media tell Obama defenders that his actions are bad, his defenders will go on supporting him no matter how despicable his actions are.

What is happening under Obama's administration is serious and not the place for games. Not only Obama's actions, but the conciliatory dismissal of his actions, are helping to move our country farther and farther away from being a nation of law, and it is the rule of law precisely that has made our nation so great. We need to put blind, media-driven "loyalty politics" aside and we need to do it now before Obama completely squanders our nation's foundation and freedoms.

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  1. On another topic, so-called "gay marriage," the media is ramming this down the poor uninformed people's throats as something just and honorable. To have the Catholic Church or any other religious group speak out against it, they are portrayed as radical extremists comparable to the KKK or the Nazis. If the Church does speak about the immorality of same sex marriage, this goes under reported if at all.

    God help the United States and the rest of the world that condones and promulgates such shameless obscenity. If enough people say it's o.k., does this make it alright? What happened in Germany in WWII?

    1. Great points - thank you! I fear that under the Federal Hate Crimes Act along with things like the HHS mandate, that the government will seek to criminalize religious beliefs, eventually forcing Catholics and other believers underground. It is happening elsewhere in the world at this very moment and people shouldn't be so complacent as to think that couldn't happen here. We're already seeing evidence as you cited above that Christians are being marginalized as extremists. People need to remain vigilant about all of this. Thanks again and have a great day.

    2. Agreed. The whole 'hate crimes' idea is a rouse. A crime is a crime and the punishment should fit the crime (equally distributed). There are different MOTIVES for crimes, but not different crimes. This is nothing more than an excuse to do exactly what you suggest. God help us all!