Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Who should we fear more...terrorists or Christians?

How far is the left willing to go in ignoring evil while condemning that which is good? Judging by the fact that terrorists with jihadist ties and practitioners of infanticide are being treated with kid gloves -- while Christians and pro-lifers get tackled – it seems there’s no limit.

When the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon last month, the mainstream media instantly began speculating that Christian right wingers, Tea Party members, or some other type of conservative ideology must be to blame.

But when it came to light that the two suspected bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were professed Muslims with possible jihadist leanings, the media clammed up, and instead of denouncing radical Islam, began looking for ways to rationalize the bombers’ actions, to the point of portraying them merely as “impressionable young boys” and even trying to put blame on the United States and Israel.

The Administration itself seems determined as well to protect the surviving bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Despite suspected jihadist ties, Tsarnaev will be tried in civilian rather than military court and was quickly read his Miranda rights, effectively shutting down any hopes of getting information about potential accomplices or other terrorist plots. On top of it, Tsarnaev was charged only with using a weapon of mass destruction, when he could have – and should have – been charged with much worse.

Instead, because Tsarnaev became a U.S. citizen on Sept. 11, 2012, the White House won’t even allow him to be considered an enemy combatant. But if there’s even a chance Tsarnaev attacked out of hatred for America – and the evidence shows the chance is pretty good -- it makes him at least a potential enemy combatant. It would also make him a traitor. So why the gentle treading and the rush to protect Tsarnaev from these labels?

It likely has to do with Obama’s refusal to acknowledge that we’re even in a war with radical Islam in the first place. His foreign policy has consistently enabled virulently anti-American Islamic regimes to take hold in the Middle East and North Africa, such as the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt. Elsewhere, Obama’s utter passivity with the Christmas Day “underwear bomber”, the Fort Hood shootings, and the deadly attack on our consulate in Benghazi renders him missing in action in the war on terror.

Truth be told, he can barely stand to use the word. In 2010, Obama had our National Security Strategy replace the term "Islamic terrorism" with "violent extremism." And though he did initially refer to the Boston bombings as an act of terrorism, it was only to the extent that the bombs terrorized the people there. Since then, however, despite information that has come to light about the Tsarnaev brothers’ ties to radical Islam, Obama has neither associated the suspect with terrorism nor meaningfully acknowledged radical Islamic terrorist threats. This is all in keeping with his head-in-the-sand, politically correct approach to terrorism since taking office.

While our president walks on egg shells so as not to offend terrorists, he allows the trampling of Christian freedoms here in America. Case in point, he supports Pentagon efforts to purge Christianity from the military and is allowing a Southern Baptist website to be blocked on some military bases because it supposedly includes "hostile content" about Christian biblical teachings. Also permitted are the Army briefing that labels evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics as religious extremists, and the Homeland Security proclamation that lists Christians and pro-life groups as potential national security threats.

The list goes on. But Obama is fine with such blatant intolerance and persecuting of innocent Christians. It’s admitting that radical Islamic terrorism is an actual clear and present danger in America that he has a problem with.

Shifting gears, it’s not just terrorism that’s getting the brush-off. A barely reported-on murder trial has been underway against Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who faces charges of first degree murder in several deaths of newborn babies and third degree murder in the death of one of his abortion clients.

Several of Gosnell's former employees have testified under oath how babies were routinely born alive after surviving Gosnell's "abortion" method, where he would snip the babies’ spinal cords. Witnesses described seeing newborns “breathing, writhing, screeching”, and, in one horrifying case, “flailing about in a toilet trying to get out.” The nightmarish testimony – the kind that would be dismissed as propaganda if coming from a pro-life person – gets barely a yawn from the press, and no mention whatsoever by our president.

In fact, speaking at a recent event for America’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood – which itself refuses to condemn Gosnell or the many other abortionists committing infanticide in our country– Obama praised Planned Parenthood, made no reference to Gosnell, and avoided the word abortion (another word he cannot bear to say), instead referring to it as "choice."

The president did, however, have choice words for pro-life people, angrily accusing them of wanting to “turn the clock back” against safe and legal abortions (like the ones Gosnell performs?). Obama then assured Planned Parenthood of his continued support (with our tax dollars) and closed his speech with, “God bless you, Planned Parenthood.”

Obama didn’t see fit to comment on Gosnell’s house of horrors, but sure got his ire up for those who want to save babies’ and women’s lives from the disgusting, dirty and deadly abortion industry.

We are facing perilous times but our president wants to make nice with terrorists and abortionists, while singling out those who want to protect life and profess Christian teachings as the ones to fear and deplore. That’s a dangerous reversal of truth, and we need to get real about it. As long as our leaders continue chasing down harmless people while ignoring the actual roots of evil, not only will Christians’ freedoms continually diminish, but we will all be made sitting ducks to evil’s pernicious and ever-expanding presence in our lives.

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