Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Democrats forced government shutdown - not Republicans

The Republicans have passed and submitted a budget bill that would have kept the government funded and running. They only asked in return that Democrats be willing to let go of their Obamacare subsidies and exemptions. The Democrats refused to do so. Every single Democrat voted last night to shut down the government. In fact, Democrats in the Senate have rejected every single offer Republicans presented to them (just like their leader, President Obama, who himself said he would not negotiate with Republicans on anything. He is, however, completely willing to negotiate with the leaders of Iran and Russia - just not fellow Americans - but I digress). The bottom line is that it's the Democrats' refusal to compromise with Republicans and to give up their precious subsidies and Obamacare exemptions that has forced the shutdown (subsidies that you and I don't get, by the way - only Congress and their staff are entitled to those, and they're happy to let us pay for them). Do not forget that.

Of course Democrats and President Obama are blaming the shutdown on Republicans. And of course, there will be plenty of uninformed Americans who will fall for the lies.

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