Friday, October 25, 2013

Despite real problems, Obama's priority is unisex hats for military

The Obama administration has issued a directive to create a more unisex uniform for members of the Armed Forces, specifically asking for a more gender-neutral hat for the Marine Corps.  Currently, men and women wear gender specific uniforms and hats.

This may be a crazy and wild thought, but don’t we have bigger fish to fry in our country than bringing in the fashion state-police for a military makeover?  What’s worse is that to replace the hats would cost taxpayers $8 million. After Obama has already financially gutted the military to the point of threatening our very national security, how can he possibly justify spending one dime on something this ridiculous?

It's simple. Unfortunately, this is just one more example of how Obama sees our military not as a mode of national defense and security, but as a social experiment. It’s an experiment he’s conducting to see how he can use the military to prove petty political points and even inflict damage on military members themselves and US citizens at large. It started with the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” -- which some military experts warn will undermine unit cohesion and effectiveness -- and quickly escalated to such things as allowing the Army to categorize citizen groups like the American Family Association as terrorist threats.

And as we all know, Obama actually spent money during the government shutdown to bar US war veterans from open memorials and used the shutdown to deny timely military death benefits to military members (even though Republicans offered funding to provide these benefits, which the Democrats rejected). And, of course, he also suspended religious services for Catholics during the shutdown (Protestant services were allowed to continue).

Most chilling, Obama has been methodically purging our military of generals and other leaders throughout our military since taking office - on no grounds of wrongdoing - just as Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao and other dictators did in preparation for overthrowing their political foes. But it begs the questions, why is Obama doing this and with whom is he replacing these open positions? 

It’s disconcerting, to say the least, that Obama doesn’t seem to have much interest in resolving real issues, like the 43 million people on food stamps, or the covered-up murders of US citizens in Benghazi, the murder of thousands of people daily through abortion, or the monstrous ObamaCare debacle which is clearly more about control than healthcare, but he has all the time in the world deconstruct our national defense while orchestrating military fashion shows designed to emasculate our soldiers.

Most unfortunately, Obama's loyal supporters continue to swallow the progressive propaganda being spoon fed to them daily, and, therefore, continue to praise him despite these numerous signs of his blatant disdain for America. The truth is though, they need to wake up, and we all need to be vigilant, because this president is clearly up to no good.

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