Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is President Obama using black people for political gain?

President Barack Obama's election in 2008 was heralded as a sign that racism could truly be put to rest in America. Yet one of the first things Obama did as President in February 2009 was to cancel the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, a successful voucher program that provides scholarships to low-income children – many of whom are black – to attend their school of choice. Essentially what Obama told these young black children hoping to get a better future is, "I don't think you should have it." 

Also, just last year, Obama supported Eric Holder in his lawsuit against Louisiana for its school voucher program that helps poor black children to escape failing schools in order to get a better education.

In the hypocrisy that has become his mantle, Obama gave a speech last week extolling the virtues of higher education. Too bad he doesn't think underprivileged children deserve to get a good primary education. 

Of course, that may be part of the plan. After all, if black people can't escape from terrible schools, their employment prospects will be awful. They likely will be welfare-dependent, and therefore reliable Democratic voters for decades to come. We already have record numbers of welfare participants, and Obama announced recently he wants to expand the welfare state, a.k.a. his voting base.

By his actions, it appears Obama thinks that keeping black people down will force them into government dependency, which will ensure their voting loyalty. And the fact that he takes every chance he can get to fan the flames of racism by telling the black community what victims they are of white society only ensures this loyalty, which in turn serves to keep the black population down.

As we prepare to acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Obama's contrast to the civil rights leader is stark. Where Dr. King promoted the dignity of every human being regardless of skin color, Obama seems to want to capitalize on that skin color for his own political gain.

Way to use people, Mr. President. Too bad you didn't learn anything from the true role model we have in Dr. King.

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  1. Seriously need Psychiatric help. Your demented views are really getting out of hand.

    1. You are unable to debate the substance of the argument so you resort to name calling? Any opinion or view that you disagree with is deemed demented? You need to grow up.

    2. Anonymous, the substance of Julie's article is that President Obama is purposely withholding the American Dream from a race of people that he is a member of. To debate that with someone who has formulated that argument would make me just as demented. BTW...where was the name calling? What name did I call Julie?

    3. The president's actions speak louder then words. His actions have indeed kept black Americans from free choice in pursuing avenues of education that they believe will enhance their children's future. Am I to believe that Mr.Obama is ignorant of his policies that restrict this choice of how/where their children will be educated? When it comes to this president free chocie only matters when it is abortion. And since you brought it up what does Mr.Obama's personal race have to do with it? I did not see any mention of Mr.Obama's race in Julie's post. Is he not as much white as he is black? You can split hairs all you want, but when you tell someone they need psychiatric help due to their demented views that is name calling. But if you wish let's go with verbal abuse.