Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Obama's healthcare directive helps the wealthy, hurts the poor

The Obama administration approved last week a measure that will allow insurers and employers to to put a hard dollar limit on what health plans pay for some expensive procedures, such as knee and hip replacements. This means that whatever a hospital charges for a procedure, the health plan will only pay so much and the patient will have to pay the difference Obama's team says this will reduce costs and help keep premiums in check. What it really does is hurt lower income people.

Encouraging patients to shop around for a facility that will perform a procedure for the lowest cost sounds good, but when it comes to your health, would you really feel confident in choosing a surgery performed by the cheapest place around? Under Obama's directive, if you're middle class or below, you may have no choice. The wealthy, no doubt, will continue to pick the higher priced - and likely higher quality -- facilities and doctors.

It's amazing how often I still hear people say they are willing to overlook many of Obama's policy failures because "he's for the poor." Yes, he's for the poor alright - as in keeping the poor poor, while certain policies of his serve only to help the wealthy. Of course these blind followers of Obama are the same ones who repeat the false notion that it's the Republicans who are only interested in the wealthy, while Obama's supporters continue to give him and his party their votes.

If only they knew the facts, maybe they'd stop voting for liberals like Obama who depend on the poor in order to stay in office.

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