Saturday, May 10, 2014

The left doesn't want to end thrives on it

Two recent incidents -- the US Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Michigan’s ban on affirmative action and LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s bigoted comments – underscore what the left so badly wants us to believe: that white America is inherently, hopelessly racist. Unfortunately it seems the left – which ignores racism committed by non-whites -- wants to use racism to impose draconian control measures on private citizens, while convincing minorities the left is their only hope for justice.

The Court’s ruling on Michigan’s affirmative action ban should be considered a victory to anyone claiming to want a color-blind society that judges people on character, not skin color. The Michigan law rightly says racism is wrong and therefore race cannot be considered in university admissions. But, defying logic, liberals call this racist. In her dissenting opinion, in fact, Justice Sonia Sotomayer said the Court’s ruling strengthens the barriers erected against racial minorities.

But Sotomayer ignores statistics that show minority enrollment in public university systems is up, even where bans on affirmative action are in place. In other words, institutions can and do implement outreach efforts without being forced to do so.

Still Sotomayor stresses that equality can only be achieved through artificial means and that minorities should be held to a lower standard to achieve this so-called equality. News franchises across America were quick to celebrate Sotomayor’s “passionate” opinion, denounce the “conservative justices” for their “racist” views, and further promote the idea that only artificial intervention can bring about equality. But what does this accomplish other than to promote division and anger on both sides by underscoring the idea that minorities are helpless victims of white society, and that only the left is interested in making things right?

The media are salivating even more over the vile comments made by Donald Sterling to his girlfriend, who illegally secretly recorded their private conversations. Saying he didn’t want his girlfriend bringing black people to basketball games, Sterling’s comments were ugly and people are right to be offended. But does it really warrant the 24-hour coverage it’s getting? Well, yes, if it can serve the purpose of painting all whites as racists. Even President Obama felt it worthy to weigh in on the issue all the way from Malaysia.

But if Obama is really offended by racism, why hasn’t he said one word about Michigan resident Steven Utash, the white man severely beaten by a mob of black men?

Obama once said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin, the black teen who was killed in a 2012 altercation with “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman. Obama had no trouble exploiting the death of a teenager to stoke the embers of America’s smoldering racial tensions -- and probably garner sympathy votes to boot in what was then an election year. But would Obama think Utash’s assailants look like his would-be son, or does that case not evoke the same type of emotion Obama can use to his party’s benefit in this election year?

Obama vocally condemned Zimmerman as part of America’s race problem, but says nothing about his good friend, rapper Jay-Z, who publically wears a coaster-sized medallion of the Five Percent Nation, an offshoot of the Nation of Islam which holds that white people are “weak, wicked and inferior.”

Likewise, Obama has never denounced Spike Lee’s frequent and hateful anti-white rants, nor has our president meaningfully condemned the horrible “knockout” game where black youths randomly punch white people, some fatally so.

Where are Eric Holder and Jessie Jackson on these incidents? Where are the vigils, the marches, the presidential press conferences? The left wants us to believe they’re opposed to racism, but largely remain silent when it’s committed by non-whites, yet are the first to speak out when they can use it to their benefit. In fact, to date, the only time Obama’s Department of Justice has charged someone with a “hate crime” for the knockout game was when it was once perpetrated by a white man against a black man.

Sterling, meanwhile, is facing million dollar fines, lifetime suspension from the NBA, and demands that he sell his private property, the LA Clippers francshise. His disgusting comments violated NBA league rules, but it’s important to remember they were made in private. Detestable as such bigoted speech is, like it or not, citizens still have the right to speak freely in the privacy of their homes – don’t they? If not, we are all on a dangerous slippery slope toward total speech and thought control in America.

While no one is defending Sterling for his racist comments, the actions taken in this case will no doubt be used to further apply other control measures against American citizens for expressing views and beliefs that don’t fit approved speech codes and politically correct structures, while other forms of blatant racism are completely ignored.

But where will it stop? Not with racism, that's for sure. Already there is talk to force the owners of another NBA team to sell their team because they believe in traditional marriage. The CEO of Mozilla was recently ousted because he supported traditional marriage in 2008 (as did President Obama, by the way). HGTV just cancelled a new show designed to help families in need because the show’s hosts, the Benham brothers, publicly announced they are pro-family, pro-traditional marriage, and pro-God.

The left may claim it opposes racism, but what it actually opposes is anyone who doesn’t follow its agenda. Racism is merely a convenient cover for them to use to inflame emotions while blatantly stripping Americans of their individuality and freedoms. 

If the left really wanted to end racism, for starters, at least, it could try encouraging racists to turn to God for deliverance from their hatred, but of course liberals want God removed from all corners of the public square. The truth is the left thrives on racism because they can use it to deepen divisions, control citizens’ actions, and secure political power by painting themselves as the champions of equality. 

Of course, exploiting racism this way accomplishes many things. Unfortunately, unity isn’t one of them.

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  1. Wow. You nail it. Thanks for being one of the few willing to speak the truth.

  2. Julie: I enjoy reading your articles. They are what I would like to say if I had the God-given written talent. Thank you for sharing our point of view.
    I need your help to oppose the Sterling Heights upcoming anti-discrimnation ordinance to be voted on Tuesday, June 17th. Could you consider using your talents to write an article so every Sterling Heights citizen is aware of this ordinance. we just heard of it last week. Thank you for your consideration. resident Sanaa Elias. How do I get a hold of you?

    1. Dear Sanaa,

      Thanks for reading my articles and for your kind words. I apologize for not responding sooner, but I just now saw your comment. I see that the vote is tomorrow so unfortunately I am too late to get a column written about it for the paper. Depending on how the vote goes, though, I may do a future column on this trend, which is extremely disturbing and dangerous.

      I just feel bad that I didn't see your request in time to help before tomorrow, however. I do hope it's voted down, as it deserves to be.

      I hope to hear from you again.

      Take care and thanks again.