Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Persecution of Christians gets more chilling

The homosexual fascists are at it again. This time they claim that a police officer in Utah refused to work a gay pride parade. The fact is, he didn’t refuse to work the event, he just didn’t want to work the motor team, which would have made him directly partake in the parade – and given his deep religious convictions, this would have been a serious conflict for him. The police officer did, however, offer to work other aspects of security detail during the event. Not good enough. He gave the impression he doesn’t support homosexuality, so therefore he deserves to be punished. In fact, he was suspended.

The list of occupations not open to Christians is growing rapidly. How quickly our country has forgotten that the First Amendment does not guarantee freedom from religion. It guarantees freedom of religion - and your right to express that religion. 

But denying that any wrong has been committed by Salt Lake police, spokeswoman Lara Jones said: "We don't tolerate bias and bigotry in the department, and assignments are assignments …to allow personal opinion to enter into whether an officer will take a post is not something that can be tolerated in a police department."

So apparently forcing a black police officer to be front and center at a KKK rally is the Salt Lake PD's policy.

There were plenty of other people available and willing to take the motor team assignment. The officer's superiors were well aware of his religious convictions, so did they deliberately assign this officer the post, knowing his religious beliefs would make him oppose it? If so, isn’t that blatant discrimination – to target someone because of his beliefs and then punish him for it? Either way, this officer is being punished for exercising his First Amendment rights and that should concern everyone.

For those of us who still believe in an objective moral code given to us by God, it is not wrong and is perfectly permissible to opt out of association or participation in behavior we deem immoral or perverted. The Constitution protects this inalienable right, and it is the height of real bigotry and cruelty for any person or organization to force people to violate their innermost convictions under penalty of incredible levels of humiliation, job loss or other sanctions declared suitable by politically correct zealots.

This is just the beginning. Christians are going to be targeted more and more by the intolerant anti-Christ crowd until we can no longer hold positions in most places in society. Unless we begin pushing back in peaceful but strong ways, the "paganizing" of America will move along at full pace and Christians had better prepare for persecution the likes of which we have not seen since the days of the anti-Christian Roman Empire. Is that the kind of America we really want? Think about it.

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  1. Amen. I am tired of being accused of hating homosexuals (which I do NOT) just because my religious beliefs tell me homosexuality is a sin. I am a sinner in many of my own ways. I don't hate myself for it, but I hate the sins I commit and I try to not commit them (and I do succeed often!) But the dangerous thing here is that the perception is that Christians are hateful because they hate sin. That is not true but emotions and political correctness are ruling the day and I wish people would see how dangerous that is for all of us.