Sunday, June 29, 2014

Clinton & Biden: Don't hate us because we're wealthy

Have you noticed lately how Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and other filthy rich liberals (like Michael Moore) are making the rounds trying to convince the public that they're not wealthy, or at least, that it's okay they're wealthy because they worked hard for it?

President wannabe Hillary Clinton is telling the masses that she was dead broke when she and her philandering husband left the White House in 2000. Apparently now that her and Bill's exorbitant speech fees, government pensions and other sources of income have brought them back in to good financial standing, she is touting the great American ideal of working hard and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.

Clinton went as far as to say in an interview with The Guardian that she and her family aren't among the nation's wealthiest because they pay high income taxes. She went on to say that her daughter Chelsea -- who makes $600,000 a year as a news correspondent and who recently bought a $10.5 million apartment in Manhattan -- doesn't care about money.

Clinton said all this to explain why she has what it takes to be an advocate for combating income inequality.

"They [the public] don't see me as part of the problem, because we pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names, and we've done it through dint of hard work," she said.

Apparently she is different from other successful people who just have their wealth handed to them, don't work 100 hours a week making their business a success, and who often achieve their dream at the sacrifice of personal lives and relationships.

Hillary apparently is also unaware that the population in America that pays zero taxes are not the hard-working wealthy, it is the lower income citizens who pay nothing. She also doesn't seem to know that the top 0.1% of Americans pay more income taxes than the bottom 80%. If Hillary wants to be an advocate of anything, she should start by being an advocate of the truth.

The other president wannabe, Joe Biden, is doing essentially the same thing. He admitted in a speech recently that he wears expensive suits and that he gets an excellent salary and pension as Vice President of the United States, and then told people not to hold it against him,  because he has no savings account (a lie, by the way) and that he owns no stocks or bonds (another lie - they're just in his wife's name). Humility, apparently, is a great way to justify one's wealth when looking in the eye of the common man. Unfortunately truth becomes the collateral damage in Biden's desire to apologize for his wealth while trying to justify it.

Though Clinton and Biden both seem to believe that it is indeed okay to be successful, neither of them applies that support to those who have achieved success in the private sector by their own hard work. Look at how Mitt Romney was excoriated for his wealth, despite the fact that he achieved it honestly through hard work, and has demonstrated extreme amounts of charitable giving, both of his resources and his own personal time. You won't hear about that side of the story though. It would make him look too good.

I've heard a lot of discussion as to why Hillary and Joe are trying to outdo one another in their efforts to convince the public that they're just like everyone else. Some say it's because liberals feel guilty for their wealth. I've heard others say it just shows how truly out of touch they are with real America.

I say it's politics. Democrats win elections in two key ways: By promising handouts to those who don't want to work, and by demonizing those who are successful because they do want to work. They then take it a step further and execute an extremely successful public relations campaign that portrays Republicans in particular as the wealthy, successful (hateful, racist, bigoted) thieves that are causing all the problems in our country. And of course, Republicans, according to the PR campaign, are only concerned about the wealthy.

A Democrat admitting he or she is wealthy doesn't gel with the image of the "evil rich" that Democrats need the masses to hate in order to win their votes. The thing is, that by trying to soften the image of wealth by telling Americans they worked hard for it, Clinton and Biden are actually admitting that success comes from hard work and is not evil. But exercising such hypocrisy about this fact to win votes could be considered evil - or at the very least, extremely repugnant.

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  1. Typical lying Democrats. It's okay for them to be wealthy as long as they apologize for it, but anyone else who works hard and achieves wealth is evil. And it is all so they get votes. They make me sick.