Thursday, March 12, 2015

US lacks leadership to fight radical Islam

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s magnificent Churchill-like speech to Congress this week, where he outlined the serious threats a fanatical Iran poses to Israel and the world, highlights how stark the difference between Netanyahu and President Barack Obama in their willingness to confront evil is.

Whereas Netanyahu unequivocally denounces evil, our president embraced it when he recently invited to the White House leaders of Muslim Brotherhood front groups with known terrorist ties in support of the Brotherhood’s ongoing efforts to retake Egypt.

Obama’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood is eerie considering it was adopted by Adolf Hitler under the Third Reich and is the main supporter of virtually every Islamic terrorist group operating today, including Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, the Taliban, and Boko Haram, all of which want to rid the world of Jews and Christians.

Netanyahu understands that to achieve its goals, radical Islam aims to establish a worldwide caliphate by penetrating foreign cultures and building its presence until it’s the dominant force. We see this happening all over Europe now, and the goal to purge the world of “apostates” is being manifested right before our eyes with Jews getting shot, and thousands of Christians in the Middle East and Africa being ruthlessly beheaded, burned and buried alive.

In contrast, the day after ISIS fatally set a Jordanian man aflame, Obama rationalized modern ISIS barbarism by comparing it with Christians’ behavior during the Crusades, as if this excuses ISIS.  And at the recent conference on terrorism, which occurred just after the videotaped beheadings of 21 Christians by ISIS, Obama downplayed the victims’ Christianity and refused to identify radical Islam as a threat.

To Obama, the real threats, as documented in national security papers, are American Christians, veterans, and Tea Party patriots. But the documentation we should heed is that which shows evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has successfully placed operatives in key positions throughout the Obama administration, and documentation from former CIA operative Clare Lopez shows Obama’s systematic appointment of Islamic advocates with ties to Iran to posts within several US government agencies.

Outside efforts at influencing US decision-making are nothing new. But here, as Lopez states, “where the guiding force behind such influence emanates from the senior-most levels of a regime like Iran’s – which holds the top spot on the State Department list of state-sponsors of terror and makes no secret of its hatred for the United States and Israel…such operations must be viewed with serious concern.”

This is of no concern to Obama though. His current negotiations with Iran would leave it with vast potential nuclear capabilities, despite his claims to the contrary. Think about that: Under Obama, America would be enabling the chief terrorist state in the world – the same one that declared it would use a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel, our greatest ally and the only democracy in the Middle East, and eventually the USA by any means necessary.

Not surprisingly, Obama shamefully boycotted Netanyahu’s speech on this and dismissed it as “nothing new”. Iran’s regime, deeply rooted in militant Islam, is as radical as ever, and with its backing, chaos and death are pouring down upon the world (and that’s without a nuclear weapon). But rather than back Netanyahu, the one leader who stands against Iran, Obama displays contempt for him. To show greater deference to Iran than to our only ally in the most volatile part of the world cannot be blamed on incompetence, but on what can only be seen as a deliberate siding with evil. 

The left has set the narrative that anyone concerned about all of this is merely “Islamophobic”, and says it’s only a small number of Muslims who are fanatical, so there is no threat. However, that “small number” is roughly 15 to 25 percent of Muslims who support worldwide conversion by the sword. With about 1.6 billion Muslims globally, that means about 300 million Muslims -- about as many people as the entire U.S. population – want a worldwide caliphate, with more being recruited regularly.

In dealing with deadly jihadists, though, leftist ideology purports they can be tamed simply by appeasement and job programs, and to use America’s strength beyond that is immoral. But the truth is, making deals that empower our enemies is an immoral undermining of America herself.

Meanwhile, rather than close our borders, Obama punishes border agents trying to enforce existing laws, and he just allowed entry to several thousand Syrians. The FBI says it’s impossible to vet them all and that almost certainly some are or will become terrorists, while FBI Director James Comey reported that suspected ISIS members reside in all 50 states. And thanks to Obama’s expressed desire to ban certain types of ammunition, were any such bans to go through, our right to defend ourselves personally, should it come to it, would be diminished.

America has what it takes to fight radical Islam. We just don’t have the leadership to do it. Under Obama, America is in retreat, jihad is on the rise, a Christian holocaust is underway, and enemies are infiltrating the U.S. The writing is on the wall, and as Netanyahu said, we “have a moral obligation to speak up on these dangers while there is still time to avert them.” Unfortunately, I don’t see our president fulfilling this obligation anytime soon considering he seems to stand squarely on the wrong side of the battle.

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