Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why Michigan's vote to allow Sharia Law is dangerous

The Michigan Taylor City Council unanimously approved a resolution this past Tuesday that supports a campaign for Sharia Law under the guise of "hate based on religion.” Apparently it is of no concern to this town council or other politicians that jihadists are conducting a genocide against Christians across the world. US politicians are too busy passing resolutions that prohibit anything that might offend Muslims, including criticism of Islam-backed activities, like honor killings, throwing homosexuals to their deaths from rooftops, and stoning women to death for the "crime" of being raped. Meanwhile, our own president refuses to even acknowledge that there may be a problem (see my related column on “Islamophobia” and the difference between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama’s approach to radical Islam).

At the same time, Islamic supremacists are embedding themselves in school boards, town councils, etc., to impose Islam on secular American society. Embedded Muslims and their well-paid stooges in local governments (like Taylor councilman Alex Garza, who spearheaded this vote) are passing resolutions to prohibit criticism of Islam and jihad.

Unfortunately, this sharia resolution is based on a false premise. For instance, the North Carolina parking dispute – in which a man shot and killed three Muslim students over a parking space – has been co-opted by the left as an "islamophobia" incident, despite the facts. For instance, the FBI's hate crime statistics for 2013 show the same statistics as previously reported ones -- that islamophobia does not exist, at least not in the way alarmists and politically correct zealots would like us to believe. 

In general, the false narrative of widespread Muslim victimization at the hands of "American bigots" is just that - false. Just as in previous years, most so-called hate crimes were not even religiously motivated – but the ones that were religiously motivated were anti-Jewish - not anti-Muslim. But we don't see politicians addressing that, do we? In fact Muslims suffered fewer total incidents than many groups and fewer per capita than gays or Jews. Anti-Islamic crimes did not involve greater violence than others and have not become more frequent.

But what difference does truth make when unfathomably dumb politicians can find their next pet cause? Votes like the one in Michigan are dangerous because they pave the way toward making Sharia Law increasingly potent throughout America. Consider that in France there are currently over 700 “no go” zones imposed by Muslims under Sharia Law. That means it is actually unsafe to go into those areas if you are not Muslim. With the soft mentality of US politicians doing the bidding for the same thing, it’s only a matter of time before we will have “no go” zones all over America. 

Meanwhile, pay close attention to what US public schools are doing when it comes to Christianity vs. the Muslim faith. All references to Christianity are being blatantly purged from public schools in the name of "separation of Church and State" yet children are being taught Muslim prayers and being taken on field trips to Mosques. What do you think that means? It's chilling. People had better rise from their politically correct slumber and wake up.

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