Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Do the successful deserve Social Security?

"Republican" presidential hopeful Chris Christie proposed pushing back the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare for future retirees today as part of a plan to cut deficits by $1 trillion over a decade, an approach he said would confront the nation's "biggest challenges in an honest way."

But in a move that is so leftist that even Hillary Clinton would be finished if she had floated it herself, the New Jersey governor also proposed cutting off Social Security benefits in the future for retirees with annual incomes of $200,000 or more. 

He went on to ask, "Do we really believe that the wealthiest Americans need to take from younger, hard-working Americans to receive what, for most of them, is a modest monthly Social Security check?"

No, Christie, I believe that the money I put in against my will should be returned to me when I retire, no matter what my income. And I believe politicians should stop raiding Social Security funds for their own pet projects. The only way I would change my mind and agree with Christie is if he were to propose that anyone over a certain income is exempt from contributing to Social Security in the first place. I am not holding my breath.

Christie's communist idea is one more reason why to never willingly allow your money to flow to Washington (e.g. by voting for politicians who will raise taxes, etc.). The crooks in Washington will steal our money with a promise of a return only to call us greedy for attempting to hold them accountable to their promise. Christie's idea is totally wrong and completely disheartening considering he is supposedly a Republican.

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  1. Chris Christie's idea is outrageous! If we pay into the system then we should benefit from the system! It shouldn't matter if my income is $20,000 a year or $2 million a year it is my money and it belongs to me! I'm sick and tired of Washington dipping into my hard earned money!

    Jason Hayes @ DECORM