Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just because Islam opposes something doesn't mean America shouldn't too...

During Fox News’ live coverage of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis’ release from prison, anchor Shepard Smith criticized Davis and those who supported her decision to refuse to issue gay marriage licenses.

“They set this up as a religious play again,’ he said. ‘This is the same crowd that says, 'We don’t want Sharia law, don’t let them tell us what to do, keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government.’ Well, here we go again.’”

What Shepard is not getting though, is the fact that opposing same-sex marriage is hardly unique to Sharia Law. Not so very long ago, opposition to same-sex sexuality in general, and same-sex marriage in particular, was almost universal. Even President Obama was against same-sex marriage and nobody ever equated his stance against it as being a form of Sharia law.

So in other words, according to Shepard Smith’s logic, any law that is shared with Islam and advocates of Sharia law must be rejected because it’s too similar to Sharia law.

Really? Christianity also teaches that murder, stealing and committing perjury are wrong. These are shared by most if not all religions, including Islam.

So if Islam teaches that it is wrong to steal, should the United States abolish laws against stealing because it would be seen as Sharia law?

In reality, it's the bully-tactics of left and the homosexual lobby that are nearly identical to Sharia law when it comes to opposing Christianity.

As Graeme Wood wrote in The Atlantic in March 2015, "Muslim 'apostates' are the most common victims [of radical Islamist groups such as ISIS]. Exempted from automatic execution, it appears, are Christians who do not resist their new government. Baghdadi permit them to live, as long as they pay a special tax, known as the 'jizya', and acknowledge their subjugation. The Koranic authority for this practice is not in dispute."

Similarly, Christians can live in the United States, but they must "acknowledge their subjugation." It's a lesson that Kim Davis is learning, as are the rest of us.


  1. Here’s a reason I like Fox News host Shepard Smith: on Tuesday, he dismissed Kim Davis's refusal to grant gay marriage licenses as a disingenuous publicity stunt.
    “Haters are gonna hate, (Davis is a hater, Julie is a hater). We thought what this woman wanted was an accommodation, which they’ve now granted her, something that worked for everybody,” Smith said. “But it’s not what [Kim Davis and her attorney] want.”
    While Davis first argued that she simply didn't want to grant the licenses herself, she later said that she wasn’t comfortable letting her surrogates do so in her stead.
    Smith suggested that Davis has refused compromises in order to fuel the media spectacle. In my opinion she is jamming her faith down the throught of people who don't want it, by not doing the job she was elected to do. She is first and foremost a public servent doing a government job, paid for by the citizans of Rowan county. Julie, your, making her into a marter, she's no marter. There is a point where religious freedom ends. The Quaker's, Amish and Mennonites have lived within the parameters of the law, otherwise you have chaos.
    Smith pointed out the hypocrisy of religious zealots fear-mongering about Sharia law but having no problem with supporting theocracy when it suits them.
    What Smith is actually saying is that the common thread between Davis and Sharia law is the compalsion to force people to conform to their way of faith and to govern by making every accommodation for their beliefs.
    “This is the same crowd (Davis's crowd) that says, ‘We don’t want Sharia law, don’t let them tell us what to do, keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government,’” Smith said. Then they use the same principles for their gain.
    Unfortunately the rest of your post is far too esoteric with reference to bully - tactics of left and the homosexual lobby that are nearly identical to Sharia law when it comes to apposing Christianity. What is that? What is Jizya tax, their subjugation...I think your losing it! Negative attitude toward homosexuals are influenced by dysfunctional aspects of ones  personality.

    1. Mark,
      Your anger never stops and your desire to see the “big picture” is never evident. All of these issues, whether we’re talking about Kim Davis, or the baker, or the florist, boils down to this: should people be allowed to exclude themselves from performing certain duties, whether they’re in the public or private sector? My CONSISTENT argument is that they SHOULD be allowed. An LGBT-run sign shop should NOT be compelled to make anti-gay signs for an upcoming anti-gay rally. A Muslim-run sign shop should NOT be compelled to make signs with pictures of Muhammad. A Christian baker should NOT be compelled to bake cakes for a same-sex “wedding”. And, Kim Davis should NOT be forced to “marry” two same-sex people – someone else besides Kim Davis can do that. Kentucky should enact the same type of law that’s on the books in North Carolina. Are you aware of that law? It’s working perfectly well.

      You have GOT TO STOP your hatemongering and STOP accusing people of being “homophobes” and “haters” just because they want to stay faithful to God and to His teachings. Are you going to go to your grave with that type of anger? I hope not!

  2. Some one else to do the job of Kim Davis isn't what she wants. She will not do her job and she frightened her staff from doing there job. Now she thinks it's all over because the 6 couples have their license. What about the next 6? Short sided.

    A spade is a spade. I've read a lot of what Julie had to to say over the years. The hate squishes out from between every line. She is totally insensitive to LGBT and projects her hate. I see that in others comments in this paper at times making it more like a church paper for her beliefs then a news paper. I do not recognize the Christ in these Christians. In every post you make you bring to life the same words of condemnation. Be it from the bible or from you they are one in the same. By now everyone knows where you stand with all your lopsided faith. Let me be already and let be of all the other people who worship differently then you.

    Stay Faithful to God you say. I want no part of your brand of faith.

    1. Because Kim Davis is the County Clerk, I believe her name will appear on all marriage certificates even if she’s not the one who actually performs the ceremonies or issues the licenses. That’s the sticking point that needs to be resolved. Are you OK with the North Carolina law that allows magistrates to exclude themselves from performing such “marriages”?

      For the hundredth time, Mark, it’s NOT “hateful” or “homophobic” for people to point out that two men are NOT designed to have sex with each other. You don’t need a PhD in human anatomy or physiology to recognize that! Even many atheists who embrace Darwinian Evolution recognize that nature itself provides a certain pattern for what is natural (as does the concept of Natural Law). Why do you keep attacking people who will never accept that as “normal”?

      You don’t “recognize” the Christ in “these” Christians because you’re unwilling to deal with what the Bible clearly teaches and you’re unwilling to come to the true Christ of history. You never respond to any of my biblical arguments because you have no meaningful response. You can surround yourself with people and pastors who have abandoned their faithfulness to the Scriptures and who are only interested in tickling your ears, but WHAT’S THE POINT OF THAT? Why deliberately turn a blind eye to the truth? Faithful Christians will NEVER embrace same-sex “marriage” and will NEVER accept homosexual activity as being “good”, “normal” or “moral”. It’ll always be categorized as “sinful” because GOD categorizes it that way. Why keep attacking every Christian writer who stands for biblical truth? PLEASE PUT AWAY YOUR NEVER-ENDING ANGER!

  3. STOP! Your brand of faith prohibits me from taking this fearther.

  4. STOP! Your brand of faith prohibits me from taking this fearther.

    1. Yes, my “brand” of faith (i.e. the one that attempts to be as faithful to the Scriptures as possible) is a stumbling block to people like you. It’s very easy to follow a fictitious Jesus and not so easy to follow the real one because the real one expects His followers to embrace Him as LORD of their lives. The real one makes certain demands that His followers are expected to obey. On the other hand, your “brand” of Christianity is very popular because it allows for all kinds of room to redefine sin so that that sin would no longer be offensive to the crowd that wants to entertain it.

      The REAL Jesus said “if anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me” (Matthew 16.24). The REAL Apostle Paul wrote “for you know what commandments we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus. For this is the will of God; … that you abstain from sexual immorality, that each one of you know how to control his own body … not in passionate lust like the pagans, who do not know God” (1 Thessalonians 4:2-5). Are those verses too difficult to understand, Mark? A child can understand them! Be honest with yourself and admit that you have absolutely no desire to consider them because it’s not the “comfortable” Christianity that you want, and it’s not the Christianity that allows for sexual sin.

  5. Didn't you get the message the other day? Just stop. Mark

    1. Mark,
      Can you promise me one thing? Can you promise to allow people who hold a high view of Scripture the freedom to hold biblical views without the constant accusation of being "haters"? I understand that you don’t agree with any of the biblical arguments that I’ve presented (even though you’ve made almost no attempt to respond to those arguments), and I understand that you may never agree, but why can’t we have the freedom to hold the views that we hold? My view is not some “new” or “novel” interpretation of Scripture. In fact, it’s the same view that has been held by the brightest theologians over the last two thousand years of church history.

      Go back and re-read your posts. Look how many times, just today, you’ve thrown out accusations of hatred. I don’t have any hatred or animosity in my heart for any person on the planet, and that includes you. I’m sure Julie doesn’t either.

      Can you make that promise?