Monday, November 23, 2015

9th grade assignment: How to recruit ISIS members

Three things currently banned from public schools are God – or at least talk of Him, the Bible, or talk about it, and talk of Christianity by teachers lest they be guilty of promoting religion. So someone please explain to me how a teacher at Salem Junior High School in Utah felt it appropriate to assign her ninth grade students with the task of drawing Islamic State recruitment posters.

As part of the assignment, students were also asked to type the words “how to recruit for ISIS” in Google. I can only imagine what information this particular internet search exposed children to.

After a parent complained to the teacher and principal, the teacher called the parent to inform her the assignment had been cancelled and that the work of any students who had already turned in the project would be shredded.

From what I have been reading about public schools for a few years now, I can only say if I had children in public school, I would immediately remove them and look into either homeschooling or a well-vetted Christian/Judeo school.

What is being taught in some public schools is so antithetical to American and family values that I can only hope parents are closely scrutinizing their children’s schools for not only what is being taught, but also what the schools may be telling the children not to tell their parents.

The way the liberals are using the youth to achieve unholy goals is tragic. Just as historical figures, like Sun Tzu, have always stated that to destroy a society, all that’s needed is to brainwash the youth, we are seeing it manifested today in spades.

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