Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vitamins, not ISIS, the real concern for Obama administration

Just days after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut, and just hours after it's been confirmed that the Russian airliner that crashed in Egypt last month was brought down by a terrorist bomb planted on the plane - (ISIS claimed responsibility for all three murderous sprees) - Barack Obama still refuses to associate ISIS with radical Islam, and in fact, still refuses to admit there is even a problem with radical Islam. Instead he still insists that we continue the practice of bringing in non-vetted Syrian refugees, even though it's been proven that at least one terrorist posing as a Syrian refugee was behind the massacre in Paris.

Of course, Obama and his minions don't feel radical Islam is a threat. Instead, the administration's priorities were made clear today on what they consider worthy of our focus. Today, several federal agencies including Obama's US Department of Justice are set to announce criminal and civil actions related to unlawful advertising and sale of dietary supplements.

The exact nature of the actions or charges against dietary companies is unclear. Funny, how the actions of ISIS are so painfully clear, yet elicit no clear response from our president (except to blame terrorism, as does Bernie Sanders, on the global warming hoax). But some murky, unnamed problem with dietary supplements is enough for our federal government to take immediate action. 

When you have a president that is so determined to fundamentally transform America, compromise our safety and turn his back on our allies at the expense of global stability, is it any wonder he should focus on vitamins and phantom weather problems instead of the real threats facing our world? 

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  1. The man sitting in the White House is either insane or suffers from a pathological hatred for America. Either way, we are sitting ducks with this guy. It amazes me how some can still defend this guy.

  2. If president Bush and vice president Cheney didn't send over 4,000 Americans to their death by invadeing Iraq and hunting down Sadam, we would not be having this conversation. His actions brought instability to the region, well before president Obama took our service members out. Bush and Cheney should have faced charges for war crimes. That's is why I still defend that guy. Have some respect, Jerome.