Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 is here...are you ready?

Happy New Year, everyone!

2016 is upon us and I'm sure it promises to be as interesting as 2015 was, if not more so. Foremost, it's an election year. I'm bracing myself for it as best I can. I've enjoyed my time off and am trying to gear up for everything we're going to be hearing about regarding the election and other issues: The economy, immigration, foreign policy, national security, ISIS/radical Islam, "climate change", gun control, Black Lives Matter and, at least from Hillary Clinton's camp, I'm sure, a lot about the phantom war on women (actually, the only ones waging a war on women are those on the left - more on that at some other time).

What other issues do you think will be front and center in the coming year? Whatever happens, I hope we can all remember we're in it together in our efforts to achieve what's best for our country and each other.

Here's to 2016 - I wish you all the best in it!

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