Saturday, February 20, 2016

Golf, Cuba, Hawaii? Yes. Respect for Justice Scalia? No.

Obama has time to golf after Americans are publicly decapitated by Islamists. He has time to go to Hawaii. He has time to fly to L.A. to go on the Ellen Degeneres show. He has time to visit the vehemently anti-American Communist country of Cuba next month. But he’s not quite able to find the time to attend the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice. 

I am sure Obama and his wife feel that visiting Justice Antonin Scalia as he lay in state yesterday at the Great Hall of the Supreme Court was sufficient. 

But if that was enough, why are Obama's defenders scrambling to point out that a president or vice president have only attended four of the last seven funerals for a Supreme Court Justice? What Obama's henchmen leave out though is that six of those seven justices had already retired to private life when they died. Of the previous six - Rehnquist, Burger, Brennan, Marshall, Blackmun and Powell -- only Rehnquist was a sitting justice at the time of his death. President George W. Bush made a point of attending his funeral, not only out of respect, but out of presidential duty. 

Justice Scalia was of course also a sitting justice, but Obama has better things to do with his time. If Obama doesn't respect the man, that's his prerogative. But as president, he should at least respect the office. 

For a man who talks so frequently about healing the divide in America and how respect is key to that goal, Obama shows once again that he has absolutely no desire to heal anything. What a disgrace.


  1. There are no words for the disrespect this president has shown in so many ways for America, her customs, institutions, and traditions. I am ashamed he is our president.

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