Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Black leaders find WH transgender agenda insulting

The fight to allow men in women's restrooms and changing rooms is being hailed as the new "civil rights" battle of our time. But several black leaders are offended at the comparison.

As reported in One News Now, ''...Americans are being asked to believe that the effort to normalize and legitimize transgenderism is the same as the long struggle for civil rights in the U.S. American Family Association's public policy analyst Abraham Hamilton III says they're nothing alike.

'There has not been one individual who's been lynched for being transgender in America. There's not one person who's been pulled over for driving while transgender. That doesn't happen,' says Hamilton. 'There's not been one person who's had dogs 'sicced' on them by police [for being transgender]. Those things are not synonymous.'

Derryck Green, a member of the national advisory council of the Project 21 black leadership network, concurs.

'The physical and emotional abuse blacks endured under segregation, on a good day, are in no way analogous to the adulation and 'rights' that those who suffer from gender dysphoria are experiencing and receiving,' he states. 'For the Obama administration to say as much insults the intelligence, and brazenly disrespects the tradition of, the black civil rights movement.'

Hamilton points out that the civil rights struggle was led by the church – a clarion moral call that he says is lacking today.

'The failure of black leaders to stand up and destroy the notion that this homosexual and sexual deviancy agenda is synonymous with the civil rights struggle has helped allow this agenda to not only progress but to grow legs and run,' he tells OneNewsNow.

The federal government gives Title I funds to more than 50,000 schools across the nation, which in turn provide things like after-school and summer programs and remedial education, not to mention free and reduced-cost meals to more than 21 million low-income students per year. The administration's mandate (issued last week) for all public schools to allow children into opposite-sex bathrooms carries with it the threat to withhold those funds.

AFA's Hamilton says that's just about the only club the Obama administration has to force schools to allow cross-gender use of school restrooms and locker rooms. 'The president is effectively snatching food out of the mouths of students should the schools not capitulate to his radical, social reengineering, sexual deviancy agenda,' says the policy analyst – adding that he's disgusted President Obama is using mostly minority schools as a social-engineering petri dish.

'Not only does the president support this radical LGBTQ agenda, he's now forcing America's parents and their children to embrace it...' "

But for Americans to reject this radical agenda, Americans first need to realize what is going on. For starters, to equate an identity issue with issues faced by an entire race is a slap in the face to our black brothers and sisters. 

Second, every parent with a child in any public school needs to make their concerns known and refuse to allow their children to not only be subjected to an invasion of privacy with these dangerous bathroom policies, but also to refuse to allow that their kids be indoctrinated into a culture that aims to confuse children who are, by nature, vulnerable and impressionable. 

I'm glad I grew up at a time when it was still OK to go through natural phases. As a young girl, I climbed trees, had my share of daredevil bike accidents, and during summer at our family cottage, I collected live bait in the mornings for my daily fishing excursions off the dock. Boys, by the way, were much more "icky" at that time than anything I found crawling under the rocks that could be used to catch fish.  

By the time I was about 14, suddenly boys were looking a lot better than bait, but if I were that same "tomboy" in today's culture, would I be encouraged to consider that I might have gender identity issues? Would I then begin to think I did have such issues, when the thought never had entered my mind beforehand? I shudder to think how many kids these days are being propagandized toward an identity, rather than being left to their own devices to go through the natural phases of growing up. 

Studies show that the majority of kids with "gender identity" issues outgrow them by the time they finish puberty. For those who don't outgrow it and who have a genuine disorder, they deserve dignity and help. But most children in general would never experience any such issue. How unfair that we are pushing this transgender agenda on the youngest and most impressionable among us in ways that could cause a confusion that would never have existed in the first place if nature were just allowed to take its course. 


  1. Catherine - MacombMay 17, 2016 at 3:01 PM

    Some preschools and kindergarten classes are now asking little kids to "choose their gender identity" on registration forms for entering school. Is it any wonder kids are so confused these days? I think what Prez Obama and the lgbtq crowd are doing could be considered child abuse. The number of actual gay/transgender people is so incredibly low and of course they can't procreate so the only way to keep themselves from becoming extinct is to draw innocent kids in. Nature has no place in their agenda. You are right that most kids aren't confused or would out grow it. No wonder how they got confused in the first place in today's world.

  2. If they want the rest of us to see their behavior as normal like they are trying to do, asking us to deny reality is not the way to do it. Thanks