Friday, May 20, 2016

One more reason to never shop at this store

When a young girl gets stabbed in a store, and a good samaritan literally jumps in to help, he is a hero, right? Not at Target. They are suing the good samaritan. You can see a video of the incident here along with an article on the details of the situation.

Should we be surprised though? This is the same store who doesn't care that women may have to share restrooms with grown men pretending to be women/transgenders to gain access to spaces that should be private. It should be no shock then to learn that Target executives don't think women should even be defended while they are being brutally stabbed.

How things change. It wasn't too long ago that the homosexual community demanded boycotts of Target because it was discovered the corporation had donated money to a conservative politician's campaign. Did the pressure not end there perhaps? Just what type of threats and bullying might Target be enduring to make them make such a drastic change in how they treat their customers?

Whatever may be going on behind the scenes, Target's actions depict a complete disregard for women, bordering on hatred. They love the money they get from women though. It's time to stop giving them a single dime.


  1. Yes, one more reason indeed, Julie. I’ve repeatedly told people that if they’re concerned enough about these issues to stay up-to-date on every latest development, then they should be concerned enough to help do something about them. It’s encouraging to see that 1.2 million have signed the boycott petition against Target regarding their new bathroom rules, but given that issue’s pro/con ratio, we should be seeing tens of millions that have signed. If conservatives really cared about society’s social issues, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today. The old squeaky-wheel analogy is true, but the problem is that the left-wing, LGBT-driven organizations are the ones making most of the noise.

    You certainly do your part, Julie. I hope everyone reading your blog will get involved as well.

    1. Thank you, Paul. You are so right - if even half of the conservatives in America stood up to what's going on, I believe the bullies would back down, but complacency is so prevalent. By the way, you do your part as well above and beyond - and in such an eloquent, wonderful way - so thanks for all you do!

  2. Police said three people — including a 16-year-old girl who was shopping with her family — were stabbed inside the East Liberty Target store by a homeless man who was wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service for an unspecified probation violation.

    The witness said he grabbed a bat that was on the ground and beat Walls with it, helping to subdue the man until police arrived. "That little girl, he just kept stabbing her. I just couldn't stand there and watch that. You can't stand there and watch that," he said. "It was crazy in there. That was horrible. That was something you don't want to see again, ever."

    Turner [said], "I had to jump in because I couldn’t hear her screaming, the screaming ... it just got the best of me."

    In the summer of 2015, a series of lawsuits were filed involving Allison Meadows, Target stores, and Meadows' attackers and rescuers. Meadows sued Target on the basis that the store had failed to keep her safe during the attack, while Target in turn sued Turner, Walls, and two other men involved in the incident.

    However, Michael Turner was not sued merely for his having saved Allison Meadows from being stabbed. Rather, Target claimed that Turner and others had recklessly endangered customers when they brought a confrontation that had started outdoors into the store. News articles published at the time of the incident in March 2013, as well as articles published in July 2015 when the lawsuits were filed, detailed the events leading up to the attack on Meadows:

    According to the criminal complaint, the incident began when Walls stabbed a man named Jobe Wright near a construction site on nearby Highland Avenue. Police said Walls ran down the street toward Penn Circle and into Target, followed by Wright, his friend Michael Turner, and Tyrique Walker, who called 911 to report their location, and Roland Smith, who grabbed a baseball bat to help Wright.

  3. Part 2

    Once they were all inside the store, "Walls saw Walker and attempted to stab him with a large swing at his neck area," the complaint said. "Walls, missing his target, then moved towards the checkout area at the Target store where he began trying to stab additional victims who were in the store. Walls then grabbed Allison Meadows and held her against her will at knifepoint in one of the checkout lanes to use her as a shield. Victims Hosea Davis, Mike Turner, Jobe Wright and Roland Smith attempted to subdue Walls and to free Meadows when they saw him poke the knife into Meadows' back."
    Turner gave his version of events to KDKA's Brenda Waters in 2015:

    “Everyone thinks Walls walked inside Target and stabbed this little girl, but that’s not what happened, you had an encounter prior to that?” asked KDKA’s Brenda Waters.

    “At this point, we were standing on Highland Avenue, and then that’s when Walls attacked Jobe Wright. At that point, Roland Smith and Tyreek Walker pursued behind him. At this point, I get in a car with Jobe Wright,” said Turner.

    Turner says he and his friend got in a car to find Walls and when they arrived at Target another friend came out of the store and said “he’s in there.”

    “I entered Target, I run up the escalator, I make a right, that’s when I encountered Walls in the store,” said Turner.

    Turner says he and Walls exchanged words. He also says he went into the store with a baseball bat.

    “He grabbed a little girl, he didn’t stab her at that point, he was talking, saying ... he was trying to get out the store and Jobe told him, ‘You’re not going nowhere ’til the police come,'” said Turner. “And that’s when he started saying, ‘Y’all think I’m playing, y’all think I’m playing. I’m not playing.’ And he stabbed her the first time. Then he stabs her again.”

    But now the store is saying if Turner had not gone after Walls with the baseball bat, Allison would not have been stabbed.

    “Well, if the guy hadn’t gone on a stabbing spree, we wouldn’t be standing here talking either. So, they’re not looking at that,” said Turner.

    Roland Smith and Jobe Wright are also named in the suit with Turner, along with Walls who is in jail.

    The lawsuit went to trial in May 2016.

    1. I wish you would have copied/pasted the whole story from the beginning to establish the proper context of all the names. Either way, all we know is that a girl was in trouble, a man tried to help, and now is being sued. It's like that employee of one of the home improvement stores being fired for trying to stop a shoplifter. No wonder our country is going to the wolves. Right is wrong, and wrong is right. What a terrible shame.

    2. A lot of people were in trouble, not just the girl. This man was insain. The entire story is on the iinternet. You won't get it from Julie its the 2ay she writes.

    3. Actually, i was responding to you in defense of the truth, and in thanks to Julie for her bravery. I thought maybe you were someone who recognized that right is being presented as wrong, and wrong as right. Yes?

    4. My point here is Julie's story has nothing to do with transgender bathroom policymaking, the boycott or perverts. It has to do with the mentally ill. It could have taken place anywhere in America. It was wrong for Julie to bring this all together, just to make this convaluted point.

  4. The LGBQT community have come a long way...Some have put their life on the line. As of today, some are dead.

    Sixty years ago the LA police would have been preventing the Gay Pride Parade from taking place. Fast forward to June, 2016. Now the police are protecting and defending the Gay Pride Parade from thoese who could inflict harm in LA. How unfortunate some citizens, even here in Shelby Township, long for yesteryear...

    We the gay community can't absorbed the death of over 50 and just as many injured in Orlando. The people who survived and stumbled over the dead body's on the way to freshair will never know peace. STOP THE HATRED NOW! STOP THE CONDEMNATION IN YOUR god's NAME.  A god I will never know. STOP...So we can bury our dead.